Use your repeater in this way and your WiFi will really fly

Keep in mind that what the Wi-Fi repeater does is receive the signal of the router and distribute it in the area where you place it. It basically acts as a bridge, so that other devices do not have to connect directly to the router in case the signal is very weak. You can put it in another room, for example.

Choose the place well

The key is to choose very well the place where you are going to put the repeater. It is true that other factors come into play, such as the characteristics of the device, but something fundamental is the location. After all, if you locate it wrong, it will receive a very weak signal from the router and that is a problem to be able to connect other devices.

It is best that you put it in an area where it receives a signal correctly from the router. But also, it must be in a location where you are really going to take advantage of the signal that it is going to emit. It is of little use to have it in a room, where it receives a very strong signal, if you are not going to connect any device nearby.

You should also check that there is no possible interference. There are devices that could affect the signal of the repeater. A clear example are those that use the Bluetooth connection, since working on the 2.4 GHz frequency can cause errors when you try to connect devices to the wireless network.

Avoid putting it near walls and walls. Any object can affect the signal, so ideally it should be in an isolated area, without elements that could interfere. Also avoid metal plates and devices that have water, such as a washing machine or refrigerator.

Use the correct band

On the other hand, beyond the location that you give the Wi-Fi repeater, it is also key that you use the right band. You will be able to use the 2.4 GHz frequency and the 5 GHz frequency. Each one has its advantages, but also disadvantages. Choosing the right one in each case is essential to avoid problems.

In general terms, we can say that the frequency of the 2.4GHz It is the one that offers greater coverage, although the speed is lower. Instead, that of the 5GHz It is the one that allows you to have more speed, but is more sensitive to distance. Therefore, you will always have to find a balance and see which one suits you best.

As you can see, using the Wi-Fi repeater correctly is key to not having problems. The objective is to achieve a good Internet speed, have coverage in areas where the signal does not reach correctly and avoid cuts. However, you can always use alternatives such as configuring a Mesh system in the router.

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