Super relaxing Instagram accounts of people painting

Creating art: beautiful and relaxing

Many are the creators who, with the aim of showing their way of creating art to the world, dedicate themselves to publishing their drawings, paintings or illustrations on Instagram. There are all kinds of them: some paint with watercolors, others do it on looks or, in some cases, they don’t even get their hands stained because they do everything with an iPad and an Apple Pencil.

But, if we have to opt for some of these creators, without a doubt we would do it with those who record the process of their creation and then upload it to this social network. Watching them paint is a delight that cannot be seen anywhere. From the one who uses his palette to combine colors in it, to the one who creates beautiful drawings by drawing lines on a screen. Even if you hurry us, it is something that many use as an anti-stress method just by watching them create.

Best accounts of people painting

That said, it is time to open the doors to the most artistic corner of all Instagram. Let us introduce you to some of these super interesting accounts of people painting.

Polina Bright (@ polina.bright)

The first account we want to talk to you about is, in turn, one of the two profiles that exceed the million followers within this social network. This is the account of Poland Bright, an Australian girl who paints beautifully and in full color. From portraits, body parts, sketches, to captures of his own work team. Even on its website, it sells many of these jobs, paint kits, brushes, etc.

ART DAILY (@artdaily_viral)

As we mentioned, the profile of ART DAILY is the other account that also exceeds the million followers here on Instagram. They are responsible for promoting different artists of all kinds, and yes, it is not an account that only publishes drawings.

Through their post we can see different creators making drawings of all kinds, with practically any method such as watercolors or charcoal itself, drawings or illustrations inspired by famous people and much more art. If you want to relax watching one of these artists make their creations, we recommend that you go through the reels section of this account. So, if you would like this profile to help you make yourself known as a professional, you just have to write a direct message as they indicate in their own biography.

Art & Bullet Journal Gallery (@thepalepaper)

On the other hand we have the account of Art & Bullet Journal Gallery which, as its name suggests, is dedicated to bringing the art of drawings and lettering to this type of organizational method that focuses on a notebook. It is impressive how, through different techniques, you can make creations as beautiful as the ones you can find on your account. We do not know if you will be able to do better the organization with the Bullet Journal in this way, but what is clear to us is that we and more than 285,000 followers from your profile we are in love with your creations.

Hula (@the_hula)

You know those kinds of accounts that seem to mix reality with fantasy? Well, we can’t think of a better way to classify the account of Hula, which already has 282,000 people following him through this social network.

It is about a young boy from Hawaii named Sean who, together with his brother Kapu, create true pieces of Street Art. In one way or another all his creations are close to the theme of water. Among them we can see hands that come out of the walls looking to touch the sky, portraits surrounded by coral or even galactic surfboards. Without a doubt, if you like art, it is an account that you should follow and see how he creates them in his posts.

Isra (@israseyd)

We continue with a lover of illustrations through the screen of his iPad. He’s Isra that from Catalonia develops super colorful illustrations with a very entertaining theme on the screen of his tablet. In addition, although he does not always do it, from time to time he shares the process of how he has created some of them. Something that to us and its more than 150,000 followers on Instagram we would like you to do more often.

Alicia Aradilla (@ a.aradilla)

If you like traveling and painting, one of the most interesting profiles that you should already know is that of Alicia aradilla. Blog in hand wherever he goes he makes beautiful drawings of everything that surrounds him, from castles, shells, roads, houses, flowers and a very long etcetera. Also, if you are interested in learning to paint, Alicia teaches very interesting online workshops. This girl is currently followed by more than 130,000 users lovers of art and drawing.

Water and Watercolor (@aguayacuarela)

Finally, and with special mention because it does not yet have too many followers but we have no doubt that they will end up arriving, we wanted to recommend the account of Water and watercolor. The person in charge of bringing it to life is Laura, the “watercolors crazy” as she defines herself through her biography on this social network.

Through her publications (especially in reels) you can find super creative ideas, tutorials to paint different things, curious facts, raffles or simply videos in which you will see her drawing with a lot of passion. So, although at the moment only 5,500 people follow her on Instagram, we would like to encourage you to be the next because Laura deserves all our support and much more.

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