Take advantage of! Train during the summer with these free courses

Therefore, if we want to continue learning and training in the summer season taking advantage of the fact that we have more free time, but we do not want to spend a euro, there is always the option of choosing a free course. And the fact that the course is free and not paid does not indicate that it has to be worse. The important thing is always to find the right offer to be able to take advantage of and thanks to these courses Udemy We can get it. Of course, the courses are available for a limited time, so if you are interested, hurry up!

Free programming courses

Learning to code has become a skill with a wide career path. It is also important to know if we only want to learn how to create and design our own website, or simply have the basic knowledge to understand how it works.

The Python 3 Plus: Python from Zero + Data Analysis and Matplot course is at Spanish and it will allow us to learn Python as a programming language, which is characterized by having a simple syntax, as well as a vast library of tools. For all these reasons, Python is considered a unique programming language.

We can also opt for the Visual Studio Code course, which is available at English. This course will allow us to acquire the necessary knowledge to obtain the skills with which to master this popular code editor developed by Microsoft. It is intended for both non-knowledgeable and advanced users, allowing us to master Visual Studio Code and increase our productivity.

Learn for free about marketing

Marketing is one of the most important trends on which any brand, website or company is based. That is why obtaining the right knowledge will allow us to prosper and obtain better performance results.

With the Content Marketing Mastery 2021 course, taught at English, we can learn to know how content marketing works. This is essential if we want to start our own business, since it will indicate the necessary guidelines to make the most of it. It requires neither experience nor previous skills.

Through the Digital Marketing Agency Elite Consultants Masterclass course, taught at English, we will be able to learn to know how to create our own marketing agency and obtain clients so that it is successful, in just 30 days. It does not require previous experience.

Other free courses

Other courses that we can also find for free and that can also be of great help to the world of work are the following:

We can opt for the Adobe XD 2021 Ultimate Course taught at English. With it we will learn how to set up an account and download Creative Cloud and install Adobe XD. Later we will know how its main menu works, what its tools and add-ons are, as well as managing links, among other matters.

We can also opt for the course 2021 Microsoft Excel from AZ: Beginner To Expert Course taught in English, we can learn and understand the ins and outs of Excel, as well as learn exactly how to master such important functions as pivot tables, formulas, macros, and data analysis. Once the course is completed we will have access to all the Excel functionalities and how to learn to handle it.

Another interesting option is the Complete WordPress Website Developer Course, taught at English. And it is that WordPress is now driving more than 29% of all the websites in the world, so learning to handle it can be of great interest, since we can use it without having to learn to program or code.

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