Take note: this version of Windows is out of support, Teams will be more beautiful and Your Phone improves

Microsoft, being one of the most important companies related to software in the world, does not stop working to satisfy the needs of its customers. Undoubtedly one of its star products is the Windows operating system, a product that does not stop growing based on new updates.

We have recently witnessed the birth of the new Windows 11Although the company has wanted to make it clear that it is not going to put Windows 10 aside at all. But of course, that is one thing and another thing is to keep all the existing versions of this version of the system updated. That is why over the months, little by little, the oldest versions stop receiving official support, as will happen shortly with one of the most popular.

This version of Windows will no longer receive updates shortly

We tell you all this because on December 14, Microsoft will stop giving official support to computers with Windows 10 version 2004. This was very popular at the time, also known as Windows 10 May 2020 Update or 20H1, but its cycle has come to an end. This translates more specifically into that the computers that still work with this version of the system, from that day on they will no longer receive patches or updates.

Windows 2004

Therefore, the firm recommends updating to a more modern version in order to continue enjoying those patches and thus benefit from the most current functions. Otherwise our PC would be unnecessarily exposed to the most recent vulnerabilities that appear. Those who are affected and who still have the 2004 version, they already know what they have to do to avoid future troubles.

Microsoft shows the new Your Phone app

The functions that little by little are arriving the most recent versions of this operating system. Some of them with more acceptance than others, but in which the firm puts a special interest. One of them is the application called Your Phone, a powerful tool that with the passage of time and the versions of the system has been improving ostensibly. In fact, Microsoft puts a special interest in it since it focuses on synchronizing the use of our mobile with Windows on a desktop PC.

In fact, a new version of the application has just been released and is gradually reaching Windows insiders at the moment. This way they will have the possibility to test the latest functions of the application before it reaches everyone.

Teams will have a much more refreshed look this month

Largely due to the pandemic that has been ravaging much of the world for a few months now, remote communication applications have grown exponentially. This is the case of Microsoft’s proposal with Teams, one of the most popular alternatives in this regard and which has an increasing number of followers.

emojis teams

Taking advantage of this circumstance, the people of Redmond are now trying to improve this platform more intensively to communicate with users around the world. This not only refers to the functional section of the program, but also everything related to its interface is being taken care of to a great extent. Delving further into this topic, we will tell you that, throughout this month, Teams you will receive the new emojis based on Fluent Design. It is about 1800 redesigned emojis that are coming to Windows and that little by little will be extended to the rest of its applications and platforms, as is the case.

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