Talk face-to-face on Skype calls with Together mode

There are certain circumstances where we like to be able to give life to our meetings between ourselves and our colleagues so that we can have a relaxed chat outside the offices. For this we can make use of the Together mode function that was originally limited to large meetings, but now it will also allow 1 to 1 calls, that is, between two people, to give a fun touch to our most intimate conversations. We are talking about one more step in Microsoft’s commitment to this functionality for Teams and Skype that will surely be to the liking of many users eager to use this utility without having to resort to meetings with several people.

Together mode for two people comes to Skype

Luis Carrasco, product manager of Skype, was in charge of advancing the news recently on Twitter, where he indicates that now we can test the Together mode in our calls between two people. Along with this new functionality, it has also announced a new scene, a stage inside an airplane. It is undoubtedly great news for Skype users who will be able to enjoy the new scenario in a 1 to 1 call, so we can enjoy a virtual meeting with the backdrop that we like the most.

Until now, the Together mode allowed Skype meetings in video call format up to a maximum of 50 people, requiring a minimum of at least 5 people to be connected to a call. The new 1: 1 mode for the Together mode began to be implemented at the beginning of this same month of July in the developer version of Teams, now when its arrival is also announced for Skype.

Together Mode, the evolution of video calls

The arrival of the Together mode was a great first for both Skype and Teams video calling users. Thanks to the power of AI, this mode allows all participants to be placed on the same call within a shared fund, eliminating the background elements of each of the participants, performed more naturally compared to the individual background tools.

Thanks to this feature, we are able to hold meetings in a more attractive and informal way, specially designed for meetings of several people. Now we can do them for our face-to-face meetings with another person. Along with this new feature, Microsoft has also added for users of the Insiders version of Skype, a feature of Animated wallpapers for video calls and personalized call reactions.

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