TCL dazzles us with its NXTWEAR AIR

Only a few months after presenting these NXTWEAR Gs, TCL returns with the light version of these portable screen glasses, for more comfort and always a big screen experience at your fingertips.

While all eyes are now turning to augmented reality, which could appear on consumer eyewear in the coming years, TCL continues its foray into the genre of portable screens with its NXTWEAR Air. The brand’s second iteration in the segment, they promise to offer an experience similar to previous models, with a few grams less on the scale.

30% lighter, they always adopt two 1080p Micro OLED displays which can recreate a viewing environment similar to that of dark rooms. TCL promises an experience equaling a 140-inch screen from 4 meters away. A way of completely immersing yourself in your film or in your series, while traveling by train or plane for example. Be careful, however, unlike augmented reality glasses, it will not be possible to use them in the street, under penalty of ending up with your nose stuck to a pole.

A quality close to that of the cinema

Beyond the immersive format of these screens, the brand’s new glasses also benefit from a resolution capable of offering a level of clarity close to that of the cinema. The two speakers located on the branches also allow sound immersion thanks to the stereo audio for better spatial effects. For more discretion, in public transport, it will also be possible to connect wired headphones or not.

Thanks to the Type C connection, the NXTWEAR AIR are compatible with a wide range of smartphones as well as laptops or tablets. They therefore promise to adapt to work, and to declutter offices. Fast connectivity thanks to “Plug-and-play” but which nevertheless imposes having to deal with the cordon at all times. For now, TCL has no plans to market a wireless version.

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