Terrible: ONE YEAR OLD BABY OVERDOSE fentanyl and was revived by the police

This Wednesday the Jefferson County, Alabama Police Department released a series of scenes illustrating the drama of the drug use epidemic in the United States: a one-year-old overdosed baby.

The county sheriff’s Facebook page showed the moment an officer miraculously revives the infant lying on the floor of a home, where his mother used enervating substances.

According to the police report, authorities responded to an emergency call around 2:30. There they found a woman upset because her daughter did not respond. The witnesses said that the baby had consumed some toxic substances, possibly fentanyl.

Warning: the following video contains explicit images

The infant was unconscious for 30 minutes. Upon arriving at the scene, the officer performed emergency maneuvers to resuscitate him. Shortly after, the girl began to breathe and was taken to a hospital.

Jeanette Bell, the mother, admitted that the baby had access to the drug she was taking and put it in her mouth. She was immediately taken into custody and jailed on a $ 15,000 bond.

The epidemic of opioids from substance use such as fentanyl has left hundreds of thousands of deaths in the United States. The authorities blame the smuggling of controlled drugs and the shipment of the substance from China and entering through the border with Mexico.

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