Tesla continues to progress with a second year in the green

Tesla has just finished a second year in the green, confirming the good shape of Elon Musk’s car brand.

Elon Musk had a hard time hiding his smile when announcing the annual results of the firm Tesla of which he is the big boss. The controversial entrepreneur indeed seems to have reached a certain financial base in 2021 which was far from obvious three years ago. While orders have never been so numerous for Model 3s or Model Ys, Elon Musk’s firm succeeded in 2021 in overcoming the raw materials crisis or logistical problems to post a record result.

Tesla therefore ends 2021 with a net profit of more than 5 billion dollars, against only 700 million dollars in 2020, the first positive year for the brand. In all, Tesla raked in just over $17.7 billion in revenue.

A record last quarter for a superb conclusion

While the fourth quarter of 2020 had contrasted a very good balance sheet, 2021 will have been quite the opposite. The very good momentum measured by the brand during the first 9 months of the year was confirmed in the last moments, and Tesla sold 305,840 vehicles in the fourth quarter, an increase of 70% compared to the year. former.

In all, Tesla is approaching the one million vehicle delivery mark in 2021, with 936,172 vehicles according to the brand’s own figures. If the cap was not reached, it is still an increase of 87% compared to the previous year, which was already above all records for Tesla.

Very satisfied with the results of his brand Elon Musk declared that 2021 had been a “decisive” year for the brand and for the entire “electric vehicle” industry. Recalling that the semiconductor crisis has heavily impacted Tesla’s entire manufacturing chain, Elon Musk is very proud to announce sales growth up 90%.

More profitable cars

But perhaps the most important point of these figures is the question of profitability. Indeed, Teslas are selling very well, but they have never brought so much to the brand. Today the gross margin made on the sale of a Tesla car is around 30%, a very comfortable figure for the brand, which allows us to see the future with serenity.

While the Gigafactory in Berlin should be limited at first, because of supply chain problems, but also questions of “regional permits”, assured Elon Musk. Finally, Tesla announced that the brand was making “progress in the industrialization of the Cybertruck”, the brand’s futuristic pickup that everyone is waiting for.

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