Tesla: the app finally allows you to know its detailed energy consumption

Tesla has just integrated a new tab on its mobile application. Called “Charge Stats”, it offers a lot of information on your total energy consumption, on the money spent, your savings compared to a thermal car, etc.

Credits: Tesla

The Tesla app finally allows owners get detailed information about their energy consumption, the money spent, or the savings made over the year if they had a thermal car. Until then, it was very complicated to obtain this kind of data.

Good news for users, who could only rely on Tesla’s sketchy estimates posted on the automaker’s official website. Indeed, on the page of each vehicle, you can find estimates of the fuel savings achieved over a year. Only, no details on why and how this sum is calculated.

A lack of transparency which has been pointed out by many consumers, recalling in passing that this bill can vary according to many factors (electricity rate in your territory, price of Superchargers near your home, daytime charging or at night, etc.). Many users considered this statement to be misleading, and in the face of complaints Tesla ended up removing it. Before making a comeback in 2018, to the chagrin of many consumer protection associations (especially in Germany).

tesla app charge stats
Credits: Electrek

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Energy consumption finally detailed on the Tesla app

If the gas savings announced by Tesla on its site are not really reliable, Tesla owners can now have a precise idea of ​​their energy consumption and what they save each month. Via the latest Tesla app update, the manufacturer has discreetly added a new tab called “Charge Stats”.

From this pane, it is possible to obtain a lot of information on its energy consumption: the number of kilowatt hours charged during the last 31 days, the total amount spent in the month in the recharge, a graph also shows you how your load is distributed (between charging at home, via Superchargers or by other means). Note that it is possible to add additional information so that Tesla refines the information provided to provide you with an accurate estimate of savings compared to a thermal car.

As our colleagues from the Electrek site point out, this feature seems to be only accessible for the Model 3 and Model Y for the moment. The Model S and Model X are not yet supported.

Source: Electrek

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