The 8BitDo Ultimate Controller will arrive in October to go beyond Nintendo Switch

8BitDothe brand of video game controllers of Chinese origin, is preparing the Ultimate Controllera new model with which it intends to maintain the ascending qualitative line of recent years.

8BitDo was initially focused on the retrogaming (mainly the specters of Sega and Nintendo), but with the SN30 Pro and Pro 2 models it has broadened its audience, entering with them into more hardcore. Both models have Nintendo Switch as their main platform, but they are also officially compatible with Android, macOS, Windows and Raspberry Pi. One of the main features of those controllers is their support for connection via Bluetooth, but the next Ultimate Controller will introduce changes in that regard.

To begin with, there will be three variants of the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller: a Bluetooth that will cost $69.99, another with a branded 2.4Ghz wireless adapter priced at $49.99, and a wired-only adapter that will cost $34.99.

The wired and Bluetooth-enabled variants will be compatible with Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, and iOS, while the one that supports only 8BitDo’s own adapter will not be compatible with the Big N console.. If the manufacturer does not introduce too many changes at the support level, configuring the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller for Windows should enable it to work on Linux.

But the most surprising thing about the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller is possibly its change in design compared to the SN30 Pro and Pro 2. The 8BitDo Pro 2 can practically be considered as a hybrid of the Dual Shock 4 with the control of the legendary Super Nintendo, as as you can see in the gallery below.

8BitDo Ultimate Controller, meanwhile, is more similar to the Switch Pro Controller and an Xbox controller., and not only for its more robust appearance, but also for the fact of placing the left analog stick in the upper left and the crosshead in the lower left, thus breaking the symmetry of previous models. This may disappoint some fans of the brand a bit, but it also better aligns it with the standard that has settled outside of PlayStation.

8BitDo Ultimate Controller Design

The 8BitDo Ultimate Controller is expected to pack a number of features premium that are usually present in remotes that cost much more. Also, variants with wireless connection support will come with the brand’s own adapter and a charging basethough hopefully USB charging will still be supported for those gamers who want to keep playing after discovering their battery has run out.

8BitDo Ultimate Controller charging base

Following the tradition of 8BitDo, users will have at their disposal an application for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android that will allow them to update the firmware, reconfigure the controller and create macros, as well as being able to create different profiles for different platforms or games.

8BitDo application to reconfigure controllers

The 8BitDo Ultimate Controller, which will be available in white, black and pink colors, will be on sale from October 28 through Amazon at least in the United States. We will see if at the moment of truth it represents a qualitative leap compared to the Pro 2, which has positioned itself as one of the best options if the value for money is taken into account.

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