The best content of the week in MC (CCLXXXVII)

We close the week with the usual summary that we publish on Sunday where we include the best content that we have been offering you during the last seven days.

The best games for December. True to its appointment, our monthly special dedicated to the launch of video games, reviews the best news that you can find this month on all consoles and personal computers.

Cover buy smartphone

When is the best time to buy a smartphone. The range of smartphones that we can find is so wide that it is difficult to choose, and the renewal cycles have been so refined that choosing the right moment is not easy either. We tell you what you should know.

Razer Huntsman V2

Razer Huntsman V2, analysis. Great performance in optical gaming keyboards from the second generation of the Huntsman that has been conveniently renovated to improve performance and comfort of use over the original version, while maintaining the overall quality and outstanding backlighting.

James webb

Everything ready for the James Webb to reveal the secrets of the Universe. The James Webb Space Telescope is ready. NASA has cleared a launch scheduled for December 22 at 7:20 am EST, after engineering teams completed additional testing.

Ryzen 6000

Ryzen 6000: Everything we know about what’s new from AMD. AMD’s Ryzen 6000 processors continue to generate great expectations, and it is understandable since according to the latest information this generation will be the one that will face Intel Alder-S, the line of high-performance processors.

The power of the dog

News VOD 49/21. New installment of our weekly special dedicated to the news of series and movies from the main platforms. This week we highlight The power of the dog on Netflix. Although there are quite a few novelties on the eve of Christmas, they say that the latest from Jane Campion exudes sobriety and good taste in every shot.

Sandboxie Plus

Sandboxie Plus – Run unreliable applications in isolation. The sandbox, which is usually translated into Spanish as an isolated environment or process isolation depending on the context in question, is increasingly used as a security barrier to keep the system and / or user data safe.

Deep Learning: What is it?  How does it work?

Deep Learning: What is it? How does it work? Deep Learning has become a very common expression. We listen to it when talking about games, hardware, services … well, everything. In just a few years it seems that deep learning has become the parsley of all sauces, and there are evidently reasons why.

smartphone cover materials

What should a smartphone be made of? Design matters, but the quality of materials is also important. However, when it comes to choosing there are doubts: plastic or metal? Is it worth paying more for a model finished in aluminum and glass? And what about ceramics?


What is Web3 and how it can change our world. Web3 is a set of technologies that promises to offer the best version of the great global computer network World Wide Web, making important changes in the way we connect and communicate on the web by creating a decentralized Internet.

graphics cards for laptops

Graphics cards in laptops. Laptop graphics cards have long been one of the most complex components for the consumer. Despite using the same nomenclature as the desktop versions, its performance has always been lower. We expose you what you have to know.

The best contents of the week in MC (CCLXXXVII) 41

Roccat Elo 7.1 Air, analysis. Roccat, the Turtle Beach brand oriented towards eSports, has quickly become popular thanks to a strategy that is as simple as it is effective: quality products, with a clear orientation to the video game fan and with an affordable price.

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In addition to the previous selection, the week has gone a long way and we can highlight a few other articles that we think you will like:

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If MC is the consumer portal, surely you know that our parent company TPNET offers other websites dedicated to companies, professionals, SMEs or channels, in addition to those specialized in security or Linux. We leave you with a selection of the published content that may be of interest to you.

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