The best contents of the week in MuyPymes

We end one more week with a new review of the best contents of the week that we have published in MuyPymes. We maintain the usual format, which means that you can access the most important news from the last seven days with a simple click. We also take this opportunity to wish you a good Monday.

  • Industry 4.0 has not yet penetrated a certain Spanish sector.
  • Sage presents the pillars of its strategy for the coming year.
  • The online sale of toys in Spain increased by 47% last year.
  • More than 80% of SMEs do not consider that climate change will affect them.
  • How do Spaniards save shipping costs?
  • Epson expands its catalog of multifunction office printers.
  • GMK NucBox 10, a mini office PC with Ryzen 7 5800U.
  • How are Christmas extras, company dinners and baskets taxed?
  • Half of SMEs fear for their data in the hands of former employees.
  • They launch a solution for SMEs to convert into crypto.
  • Xiaomi Note, an electronic ink tablet with a stylus.
  • ViewSonic introduces a new portable monitor for creators.
  • This will be the labor market in five years, according to the Spaniards.
  • Keys to improve usability in the digital collection sector.
  • Half of the companies would not pass an hourly registration inspection.
  • Tips for email marketing using videos.
  • ASRock prepares new mini PCs with Intel Raptor Lake and Ryzen 7000.
  • Microsoft will improve the integration of Outlook and Teams.
  • What means of payment to use abroad if you have an ecommerce.
  • Windows 8.1 end of support will occur in 30 days.

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