The best-selling Air Jordan shoes vs the most expensive pair in the world

It is true that collecting is not a novelty, but in recent years it has exploded again, even with some matching Jordan tees. It is likely that it is a phenomenon that has gained visibility through social networks, so now “everyone” wants one. In this case, the Air Jordan is without a doubt one of the most well-known in the sector. Therefore, we have compiled some of these sports’ best-selling models today.

Best-selling Air Jordan models

The catalog behind these shoes is truly immense. Even within each model there are different variants with, of course, different sets of colors. So, to simplify things a bit, today we will talk about those models “in general” that are a true success of these sports shoes that make memory of the best basketball player in all of history.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

One of the most iconic models of these shoes are the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG. It is the model that the player used in the 1984/1985 season and, the most curious thing, is that they were the solution for his team to stop losing a real money in penalties. (eluminoustechnologies)

In those years the NBA was quite strict on the issue of uniformity on the court. To kick off the Jordan season, Nike developed a pair of red and black Nike Air Ship matching their uniform, which violated NBA rules that shoes had to be more than 50% white to play. This resulted in a $ 5,000 penalty for the team for every game Michael Jordan played with them. The solution to all this was the launch of the first Air Jordan 1 that, now, respected the regulations. The launch price of these shoes was about 150 dollars.

Jordan 6 Retro

The Jordan 6 Retro They are another of the great classics in the catalog of these sneakers and, of course, a great sales success. These are the shoes that Michael wore throughout the 1990/1991 season. The legendary season where he won the first NBA ring with the Chicago Bulls. Its launch price was $ 190.

Air Jordan 9 Retro

An evolution of the above are these Air Jordan 9 Retro. The most curious thing about this model is that they are part of an iconic moment in the player’s career, but they never stepped on the playing field. And it is that, it is the first model launched and worn by the player after his retirement from basketball. The price of these sports at their launch was 190 euros.

Jordan 6 Rings

The following model represents a sum of successes for the legendary basketball player. A model inspired by the shoes that Michael wore in his most glorious years, managing to win the 6 rings of the NBA with the Chicago Bulls. Your name? Well, how could it be otherwise, they were baptized as the Jordan 6 Rings which, when they were put up for sale, had a cost of about 160 dollars.

Jordan 1 Mid Winterized

Finally, within the best-selling catalog of this model, we find the Jordan 1 Mid Winterized, which had a price of $ 120 when they hit the market. It is one of the most elegant models of these sports shoes and, also, the most prepared for winter. Water resistant, warm and with soles with better grip.

The most expensive Air Jordan in the world

So far we have seen which have been the best-selling Air Jordan sneakers in its entire catalog. But, What is the most expensive model in all history? Well, prepare to be surprised by what someone is able to pay for a pair of sneakers.

But first, let us put you in the situation. These sneakers, in particular, are sneakers worn by Michael Jordan himself in his first season for the Chicago Bulls. And, in addition, they are signed by the player himself.

So, now that you know a little more about the history of these shoes, you should know that the price they reached at auction was $ 1.2 million. In this way, they became the most expensive sneakers worn by a famous person in all history. Surprised? In the end, mixing the popularity that this garment is gaining, together with that exclusivity of being the only ones in the world, makes the price go through the roof.

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