The challenge of adapting to TicketBAI

By now, the whole country has heard of the new billing regulations TicketBAI which will be implemented in the Basque Country from 2022. TicketBAI It is a joint project of the three Provincial Treasuries and the Basque Government that obliges all natural and legal persons who carry out economic activity and have tax headquarters in the territory to use a guarantee billing software. It does not matter if you are a greengrocer, an industrial company or a plumber: everyone will have to adapt to this system.

Taxpayers who want to start joining the system can do so voluntarily in the three provinces, obtaining very attractive tax benefits, although the obligation will not come into force until July 2022 in Gipuzkoa and Araba and in January 2024 in Bizkaia.

The scale of the challenge we face is clear: digitize and connect all economic activities in the Basque Country with the Treasury so that they receive sales in real time, within a period of three years.

For many companies and freelancers this it’s not going to be a big change, because today they already manage their business with software and it will not involve any more difficulty than updating the version of their application already adapted to TicketBAI. Our clients, whether they are consultancies, freelancers or companies, can start working on the new system with a simple update at no additional cost. But for many others, TicketBAI does represent a great change, a difficult challenge, since they not only have to learn to work with software, but also with a hardware device that many of them have never used. A clear example is found in the commerce and hostelry sectors, in which many businesses use a cash register or directly carry out a note on paper and pen and they do not have internet in their establishments.

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For these businesses, adaptation to TicketBAI will be more complicated and, therefore, it is essential that technology providers listen to them, accompany them and offer a simple and easy-to-use solution in their day to day. Today we have enough technology to make software and hardware solutions simple, intuitive and easy to use, and it does not take more than a few hours of investment to put them into operation. For example, there are compact point of sale terminal devices that can be much easier to use for a store that is not used to using a computer but does use a smartphone in their daily life. It is also important that the solution is cloud and does not require updates or backups. And that integrates the digital certificate so as not to have to manage the issuance of it.

Towards new opportunities

But, although it may seem a complicated process, the digitization of all these activities also offers many positive aspects. The most important: control of your business information. All activities in the Basque Country will have access, through their software solution, to information on their customers, sales, best-selling products, billing statistics, etc., and this allows them to make decisions that improve their performance. Also, if they have software with all its articles and prices they can quickly and easily deploy an online store integrated with their application. This will open a new world of possibilities for them to improve their income and offer themselves in new markets.

Nor can we forget that these activities are in continuous communication with their consultancies, and the exchange of information will be much easier. In our case, the advisers will be able to download the information of their clients with a single click, which facilitates both the adviser and the client all this exchange that will have to be done more and more regularly.

The implementation of a management system is the starting point of a new era of opportunities for all businesses in Euskadi. And since in Japan the word “crisis” is made up of the words “fear” and “opportunity”, I am sure that whoever knows how to take advantage of this obligation will evolve their business towards new markets and opportunities that they would not have been able to cover otherwise.

Lorena Vargas, Sales Director of Ukabi, Gold Partner of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Spain.

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