the directors of Moon Knight will take over

The director of the first season leaves the ship, and gives way to the directors of Moon Knight for Loki season 2.

A few weeks after the grand finale of Loki, the director Kate Herron had announced her intention to pass the baton for season 2. Since then, this new burst of episodes has only very rarely been talked about again. We know, however, that filming should begin this summer, and obviously, the house of ideas has already found replacements. According to information from Deadlinethe task was entrusted to Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.

The two filmmakers are rather familiar with the Marvel universe since they signed several episodes of the series Moon Knight, which is due to land on March 30 on Disney+. It will not be their first foray on the small screen, since the duo directed the 6th episode of the series The Twilight Zone: the fourth dimension in 2019. Here, they’ll journey deep into the multiverse alongside our favorite anti-heroes. Michael Waldron, showrunner and screenwriter for season 1 should remain in place for this second volume.

A journey to the heart of the multiverse

Instead of the traditional post-generic scene, Marvel announced last June the return of Loki for a second season. At present, it is also the only production of its kind to benefit from such treatment. A particularly mysterious season 2, which should transport us directly after the events of the first salvo.

As a reminder, after crossing paths with He Who Remains, Loki found himself trapped in a dimension parallel to his own. In this one, no one seems to have any idea who he might be. Worse, Kang Le Conquérant seems to reign supreme over VAT. To restore the natural order of things, he will have to convince Mobius to lend him a hand. He could also find Sylvie (Lady Loki) and some of the characters from the previous season. Remember, however, that Tom Hiddleston is currently the only actor confirmed in the casting. The actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who plays Renslayer, nevertheless confided that she had also been invited to this reunion in the small skylight.

Loki does not yet have a release date. The launch of its filming this summer could mean that it will be necessary to wait until 2023 to find it on Disney +. Until then, the platform has many Marvel productions in its drawers. After Moon Knightwe will discover Ms. Marvel and she hulk. Secret Invasionwith Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn is also on the program for this year 2022. In the cinema, Doctor Strange, Thor and Black Panther will be back for new opuses of their respective adventures.

See or see Loki again on Disney+

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