They will sacrifice 10,000 horses in Australia to protect the flora and fauna; news outrageous the networks

In Australia the alarms have gone off and groups that protect the lives of animals are outraged, as the state of New South Wales plans to euthanize 10 thousand wild horses in Kosciuszko National ParkBut that’s not all, as 69 researchers from the Australian Academy of Sciences have issued a letter in which they argue that they should kill more equines.

And it is that in that reservation there are 14,380 copies, which are considered exotic in the local ecosystem, in addition to causing damage to vegetation and stressing native species, of which there are some that are in danger of extinction. For that reason, some researchers have assured that if it is not intervened, the population will grow to 20 thousand horses by next year.

The authorities intend

The National Parks and Wildlife Service announced in September an initiative to reduce the local population to 3,000, killing the majority and the rest, placing them in a conservation area that comprises 32% of the reserve and that does not affect the local flora and fauna.

However, now the scientists of the Australian Academy of Sciences They believe that 3 thousand specimens will continue to cause problems, as they would quickly reproduce again and a cycle of sacrifices would take place and they aim as the final objective that the entire territory of the park is protected from that quadruped.

“The authorities they have to listen to science, the latest evidence and recommendations on how best to protect the park from the significant damage that feral horses are causing, “said John Shine, president of the Australian Academy of Sciences. In addition, scientists point out in a new study, published 17 September in the journal Biological Conservation, which the 71% of Australians agree in slaughtering animals to protect local endangered species.


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