The Fortnite lobby comes out blue and other common problems that ruin your game

Fortnite went, next to pubg, one of the first games to adopt Battle Royale as a game mode in 2017, the Tencent title being the first to do so after being inspired by H1Z1. Since then, there have been many Battle Royale type titles that have been released on the market. While some still have very high popularity like Apex Legends either WarzoneOthers have tried to go their way, but it was too late and the fish were all sold.

All these titles have a series of common problems that do not affect all users equally and that sometimes appear out of nowhere, such as the Fortnite home screen lobby having the blue background instead of showing the usual wallpaper of the corresponding season. Another common problem is lag, a problem that affects this type of game and can ruin any game. In this article, we are going to focus on solving common Fortnite problems, problems that have a very simple solution.

Fortnite lobby blue background

If after updating the game or installing it for the first time on the computer or on a console, this error appears on all devices where it is available, the background of the lobby is shown as blue, we have a problem that has a very simple solution. This problem does not affect gameplay, it does not depend on the capabilities of the computer where it is installed to run, and it has a very simple solution. We just have to access the game configuration options and enter the section General.

Next, we go to the language section and we change it for any other of which we have some knowledge. Once we have changed it, we return to the lobby and we will see how the blue screen in the lobby has disappeared and the background corresponding to the season in which we are is shown. Next, we return to the same section and change the language of the game to Spanish again. Returning to the lobby will display the lobby as usual and the background image will remain the same.

fortnite lobby blue

No sound from the game

Within the Fortnite configuration options, we can find different configurations for the audio in the sound section. On the one hand, there is the sound of the game, on the other, the voice of the teammates, and on the other, our own voice when communicating through the game. The game will modify these parameters based on the configuration of our equipment, so if we cannot hear our friends, they do not hear us or we cannot hear the sound of the game, we must review the sound options of the game through the Settings section.

Fortnite sound problems

Can’t login

If we don’t get past the loading screen and the game shows us the message: Unable to log in, it means that our PC is running very slow and the permanent connection to the servers for the game to work is suffering some kind of outage. This message is usually displayed when the computer where we want to run the game is running a little short of resources. The solution to this problem is to close each and every one of the applications that we have open in the background and only leave open those that we know we are going to need to play, leaving only those necessary for the controller or keyboard and mouse to work.

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