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It was clear that as we got closer to the time of the event, new rumors would come to the fore to finish off a few weeks full of speculation. As almost everything from the iPhone is already sold and processed, we are left with the new device. The Apple Watch Pro, which Apple is supposed to launch tomorrow for an audience mostly athletes, but not to use, if not squeezing every stride and every jump. We knew it was going to be bigger, but now we can see in some supposed images how it will finally look.

Last minute leaks before an event are normal and almost necessary. In this case, we are talking about those that we can see related to the new Apple Watch Pro that the American company wants to launch for the most athletic public. Bearing in mind that we are talking about a watch that was already supposed to be bigger, a series of images have been leaked that indicate that the size of the watch, it will be 49mm. As we can see in the image at the top of this entry, we can compare the size of this new model with the previous ones and even with the new Series 8. The truth is that it shows. Size does matter this time.

According to Sonny Dickson the Pro model will have a 49mm case size, larger than a previous rumor that suggested between 47mm and 48mm. For comparison, the Apple Watch Series 7 is available in 41mm and 45mm case sizes, which is also expected to mirror the standard Series 8 models with identical designs. Taking into account those mm and that the screen will be flat, we can be facing a watch with a screen of 2 inches, According to the latest rumours.

images Apple Watch Pro

The new Apple Watch Pro may have two more physical buttons than the Series 8

But now good. What is most striking is that some images have also been leaked that indicate that in the case of the watch, there is space for a third and fourth physical button on the clock Until now we had a button under the crown, which can also act as a button for some functions, all of them on the right side of the watch. However now we can appreciate the existence of two more buttons on the left side.

Duan Rui and Sonny Dickson They have shown on Twitter, a series of protective covers of different colors. In them the most striking are not precisely the colors, they are the existence of a third and fourth button that placed on the left side of the casings. There is no word on what these extra physical buttons might be for. It is speculated with the idea, more than reasonable, that they can provide training and fitness options.

It is normal considering that a watch very intended to measure athletes’ metrics is expected. With this idea of ​​the existence of those buttons, we can even suppose that there may be touch buttons that can measure in a single stroke, vectors such as blood oxygen, heart rate….and some other parameter. One of these two buttons may be customizable so that we can add the function we want to it, such as adding LAPS, very useful in interval training. Countdown, for the breaks between series…etc.

The new Pro model will sit at the top of the Apple Watch lineup, and is expected to the price is in the price range of about 900-100 euros. We assume that it is the price we must pay for using Apple’s new technology for sports. Now, I say one thing as a personal opinion. The watch has to be improved a lot to satisfy the most demanding sports users, because one of the factors that most influences when deciding to buy a watch with these functions is the endurance capacity of its battery. The other is the ability to connect with other accessories for those who compete in triathlons, for example. GPS, speed and cadence sensors, chest strap heart rate monitors… an endless number of them that honestly, I don’t see Apple being very tolerant of any of them.

As for the battery, no matter how much they enlarge it, They have to make a lot of effort to improve it. since, at full capacity, the Apple Watch Series 6 does not exceed 5 hours. That may seem like a lot, but in cycling it falls short. Also, if you wear the Apple Watch it is because you can avoid wearing the iPhone, especially in the model with 4G, but if you cannot use those functions…

Next Wednesday We will see what result all these rumors give, but it is quite significant that two of them have already leaked very similar images and in a time so close to the day of the event. Everything will be a matter of patience and being in front of the blog and the official Apple channel on YouTube to be able to see the event and be able to be attentive and aware of what happens.

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