The Game is Stretch: Pocket Format Strategy Games – Review

The game is drawn (pocket version) is the latest game of Supernova Studio. It is a box that includes 10 mini-games originals of strategy And tactics, for 2 to 4 players, printed on erasable and endlessly re-playable boards.

A small box in size but really rich and perfect to put in your backpack for the holidays. We have tried it and we can’t wait to share our opinions with you!

Our review of The Game is Drawn

You know when you want to play something without having to baste dungeons, boards or deal out cards? And the choice is complicated if at the table there is someone who is fasting board games. Here, The Game is Stretch is a perfect box for these situations because it is fast, intuitive and it doesn’t need anything else to be played except the material you find inside the box itself!

In fact, we shouldn’t even talk about a single game because Il Gioco è Traatto contains 10 strategy games different difficulty and for a number for 2 to 4 players. In short, the time has come to say enough to games of Names, Things and Cities, Tris or Battaglia Navale to try something more fun, dynamic and stimulating.

Il Gioco è Tratto is a project that was born with the aim of showing how you can still play with “pen and paper”, not only to the great classics such as hangman or tic-tac-toe, but also to modern games created by international game designers specifically for Studio Supernova. The first box of the series includes 10 original strategy and tactics games printed on erasable and endlessly replayable boards. Ten challenges of intellect and skill for 2 to 4 players, of all difficulties and for all tastes, perfect to always keep in your backpack and to play under an umbrella or, why not, during an aperitif!

The contents of the box

Il Gioco è Tratto is a pocket-sized box that contains everything you need to play:

  • an erasable marker
  • a cloth to erase
  • 10 game cards (erasable)

Each of the cards in the box contains the description of a game together with all the information to be able to play it. In fact, in the front and in the back, we will be able to read one Description of the game, the indication of number of players, the level of difficulty, the rules and we will also find the game grid.

The games of The Game is Stretch are not the usual puzzles seen and reviewed, but original challenges that include mini-games from top-notch game designers such as Hjalmar Hach (King’s Dilemma, Like it, Photosyntesis), Dieter Stein (Urbino, Mixtour). 4brains4games (Michael, Tiny Turbo Cars) Nestor Romeral Andres (niju, greener) and Marcello Bertocchi (aqualin, libraria).

At this point all that remains is to choose which title to start with and start the challenge!

The minigames of The Game is Stretch

The box of Il Gioco è Tratto is made up of immediate games, with few rules, but which will be able to keep your mind busy, will test you and will surely entertain you in the company of friends.

We have opened the dances with Spiders (4Brains4Games), a “geometric” game in which two players, drawing straight lines on a common plane, must create geometric shapes and earn more points to win.

Descartes from Silvano Sorrentino instead, it proposes a revisited version of the classic rock paper scissors to fill as many boxes with the chosen symbol. The player who writes his symbol the most times wins the game. Also in Yavalath (Ludi & Cameron Browne) we will use symbols, a bit like in tic-tac-toe, but in this game the goal is to put four identical symbols in a straight line. However, if at any time the player manages to have three, he loses the game.

Neighborhoods (Dieter Stein) is a game for two people in which we have to create groups of the same symbols to form, as the name suggests, neighborhoods. We are awarded a point and control of the single District if ours is the symbol that appears in the largest number. Whoever has control of the most districts wins.

Let’s change the type of game with Tumbleweed (Mike Zapawa) in which we will have to challenge our opponent by filling the hexagonal-shaped board before him with our numbers. But be careful: the value of the numbers will grow the more we know how to better organize the chessboard to limit the opponent’s movements. In short, get ready to fight (and laugh)!

9TKA from Adam Kaluza is a mini-game for 2 to 4 people that uses a grid similar to that of sudoku, but which must be filled with the letters of each player to gain control of the individual 3 × 3 squares.

Let’s continue with Password (Hajalmar Hach), an alternate force four in which players take turns entering letters or numbers in a grid; and with Stampede from Walter Joris, a “space” tactic game in which you have to squeeze your brains out to try to fill as many boxes with your own symbol / letter.

In SQU from Néstor Romeral Andrés the goal is to create the largest square. Simple? Not so much considering that your opponent will try in every way to put a spoke in the wheel!

Last but not least there is Making and Undoing from Marcello Bertocchi (who created Il Gioco è Tratto), a fun and dynamic strategy game in which we will have to fill the board with symbols and then try to eliminate those of the opponents. The player with the most symbols left in play wins.

the game is drawn

Conclusions to our review

The Game is Stretch (which had already been released in a different version by XV Games) now returns in a new one pocket version: colorful, comfortable to carry around and which collects 10 extremely fun and stimulating games.

One of the features I liked the most about this box is its comfort of use and transport: The Gioco è Tratto is perfect to be carried in your bag or backpack to the pool, to the beach, to friends’ houses.

Another very interesting element is the fact that the box collects 10 strategy games with simple and immediate rules that can perfectly adapt to any type of player (regardless of difficulty), the rules are read in one minute and all the cards have short playing times. We can say enough to the era of tic-tac-toe or naval battle and finally discover something new!

Although we have often stressed the simplicity and immediacy of Il Gioco è Tratto, it must be said that these are simple but not simplistic, fun but not trivial games. You will realize already after the first game that these are mini-games in which it is not enough to put an x ​​at random, but in which you have to think about your moves. And we can guarantee you will not miss the laughs!

game and stretch supernova study

The Game is Stretch: Pocket Format Strategy Games – Review

The game is drawn

The Game is Stretch (pocket version) is the latest game from Studio Supernova. It is a box that includes 10 original mini-games of strategy and tactics, for 2 to 4 players and of varying difficulty, printed on erasable and re-playable boards indefinitely. An original idea to offer immediate and fun games in a convenient and transportable format anywhere. A perfect holiday idea that combines instant playability with a large dose of fun and laughter!


New and unreleased strategy and tactical games: we can say goodbye to classics such as Tris and Battaglia Navale in favor of titles made by renowned game designers

The pocket size makes it perfect to be carried anywhere, in a bag or suitcase, and everything you need to play is available inside the box


If you are looking for highly challenging puzzle games, Il Gioco è Traatto is not for you (but give us a thought anyway because it’s really an original idea and the mini-games are fun!)

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