The government adopts mandatory parental control, what does it change?

The National Assembly has adopted the bill which aims to promote parental control on all our devices. Concretely, the manufacturers will have to propose by default to activate the option during the first ignition, but the users will have the choice to refuse. It must first be validated by the Senate before it is implemented.

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“82% of children aged 10 to 14 report regularly going on the Internet without their parents, while on average, all ages combined, 70% of children report watching online videos alone”. This observation, raised by the bill which wishes promote parental control. Presented to the National Assembly last November, it has just been definitively adopted.

Contrary to what Emmanuel Macron initially wanted, this does not mean that parental controls will be activated by default on all new devices. On the other hand, manufacturers will have to offer an integrated solution on their next models. The user will then be asked if he wishes enable it or not.

Parental control will be present in all devices

Whereas “only 46% of parents say they have implemented solutions for monitoring their child’s activity, such as parental control”, still according to the bill, the latter therefore aims to promote technology among adults with dependent children. The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) will be responsible for verifying its correct application by manufacturers.

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For the deputies, it is a leap forward for child protection that has just been made. Today, more and more of them regularly use a device connected to the Internet, sometimes even as early as primary. This system will therefore limit the risk of them coming across content that is inappropriate for their age.

Thus, although often underestimated by parents, autonomous Internet browsing appears widespread“, specify the deputies. However, the law is not yet final. For this, it is first necessary that the Senate examines the text and affixes its validation. Emmanuel Macron will then be able to launch his deployment for good. Answer in a few weeks, therefore.

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