The great feat of the iPhone and how it left Xiaomi aside

Apple is one of the most prestigious companies in the mobile telephony market, although the fact that it only offers a high-end smartphone, both by iPhone price and by number, greatly hinders its success. However, the third quarter of this 2021 has left a very good taste in the mouth of the company.

A little over two months ago, the Californian company confirmed revenues of $ 26,444 million relating to their iPhones during the months of July, August and September. In this way, he reaffirmed that these terminals continue to be his main source of income. Although, as usual, they did not detail the number of units sold, for which it is necessary to resort to studies such as those shown by Canalys recently.

The component crisis is noticeable

The study published by the prestigious consultancy details the worldwide shipments of smartphones during the aforementioned third quarter of 2021. In general, we can observe that there was a 6% drop in the market.

There are several factors that could justify this decline, with a partial economic crisis caused by the pandemic increasingly present. Although, without a doubt, the main reason lies in the driver shortage, which has caused a domino effect, delaying and even canceling the production of large companies, making the devices less available and therefore making it more difficult for the public to purchase.

smartphone shipments third quarter 2021 - canalys

Apple grows in a market led by Samsung

Already in more concrete data, we observe that Samsung it remains the leader in sales with a 23% market share, the same percentage as that obtained during the same period in 2020. Apple grew 3% to reach a 15% share, dethroning a Xioami from second position that, despite remaining, is relegated to third place with 14%.

Companies that have grown in market share, despite remaining in fourth and fifth position, are the Chinese alive and OPPO, which keep 10% of the pie. Quotas are distributed behind other recognized brands such as Huawei, Motorola or Oneplus, reaching all quotas that are below that 10%.

The great value of this growth

Just as there are more reasons why the industry in general has declined, there are also many reasons why Apple is one of the few that has grown. However, not being the company most affected by the production crisis is what would have helped the most, despite the fact that it also has problems with the iPhone 13.

What is really interesting is that Apple, despite launching only 4 or 5 phones per year in the latter, manages to double in sales to companies that offer dozens of devices such as Xiaomi. If we also take into account that it is Chinese brands like these that enjoy the most popular price ranges, Apple’s feat becomes even more evident.

Of course, those from Cupertino are still not enough to catch up with Samsung. And it is that the South Korean company is still at the forefront of the market and, despite also having different ranges of smartphone, its feat is not negligible at a time when there are more and more doubts about who is the manufacturer with the most cutting-edge Android .

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