Does a Mac need antivirus? And which ones are recommended to install?

What should you look for in an antivirus?

Before installing an antivirus, you must take into account to decide correctly which is the best possible option. Specifically, the points to take into account are the following:

  • Protection. When you are talking about an antivirus, you should make a thorough assessment of the protection system that is integrated. With a simple search, you can find out the wealth of the database of each of the antivirus available on the market. Always look for the one that protects you against any type of threat, be it a simple virus or ransomware.
  • Interface. The applications must be beautiful to be comfortable to use. Although at first this is a section that always remains in the background, the truth is that it must be the protagonist. That is why those antivirus that have a clean and simple interface in which to find all the options should always be prioritized.
  • Compatibility. Compatibility is one of the most delicate aspects of any antivirus. You should look for the one in which developers always adapt to the updates that are suffered in the operating system and that can decide how a virus can access macOS.
  • Price. As a user we are always looking for the lowest possible price when it comes to getting an antivirus. But the truth is that this is a major problem. When they talk about antivirus that are free, it is possible that they are making use of your personal data to obtain economic performance. That is why in a particular way we must recommend those antivirus that are paid.

Paid antivirus for Mac

If you are a person who wants to have a completely safe Mac, it is important to make an investment in a specialized program. In this way you can ensure the maximum possible protection and without your personal data being compromised. Here we show you the best existing options.


With almost perfect protection, Kaspersky becomes one of the best options to protect your Mac. It has a almost 100% reliability with regard to malearle and includes a wide variety of protection systems to be protected against the most important threats that exist. It integrates a password management system, backup copies and also the possibility of encrypting files.

The interface is quite clean and above all it will not overwhelm you since each of the options has a space between them. Among its features you can see a virtual keyboard to avoid keyloggers. This added to the possibility of encrypting the most important files for you makes it one of the best payment options that can be found on the net to protect your Mac perfectly.

Norton Security


Norton is known to everyone thanks to its longevity in the antivirus market. It is a multiplatform program that also has an excellent reliability rate when it comes to detecting malware in Windows. In the case of Mac, although there are proportionally fewer attacks, it has also been able to completely clean it of any malicious files. The main problem it has is the price that can seem really abusive so they offer more seeing the alternatives that are in the market.

But this is not the only problem it has since it also stands out for performing a slower scan than the rest of the options and consuming much more resources. But in the end it is possible to have a system that is quite good at finding all the harmful files. Although, as we have previously commented, the fact of having so much experience in the market means that conditions have been applied that in some cases can be abusive.

BitDefender Virus Scanner


The AV tests are in charge of exhaustively analyzing all the antivirus on the market. In the case of BitDefender, it is one of the best rated in this regard as it is close to 100% reliability when it comes to detecting malware on a specific Mac. In addition, you can always locate the device through the system that integrates this program so that if you have a laptop, do not lose sight of it.

The interface that it integrates is not too difficult to use, being easy to choose the options you require. Its negative points include the absence of a VPN system or other software that performs backups. This is something that is very present in other payment options. But without a doubt, if efficiency is the priority for you, this is the best option that you will find in the market and that you can comfortably try in the free period.

Panda Security


Panda offers different plans to be able to have access to the features that you want to have on your Mac with an adapted price. Among the main features you can find protection against viruses, advanced threats and relevant cyberattacks. This is achieved thanks to a database that is completely up-to-date and adapted to the Mac operating system.

Panda offers users an annual and monthly subscription system, always adapting to you. In the case of macOS, you can have access to a VPN in order to have a secure connection and to simulate a change of location. Control over incoming and outgoing internet connections is also provided.

Free antivirus options

As we have commented previously, there are many options where absolutely nothing must be paid in order to have protection on the Mac. The problem found here is basically that in many cases the antivirus have been peppered with violations of personal data to be able to remove economic profit. That is why you should always be very careful with these free options.

Avast Free Mac Security

Avast Mac

The virus database has been updated. Surely you have heard this phrase on numerous occasions and it belongs to one of the most famous antivirus on the market. Its free version is one of the most used on all devices. It has an email scanning system to make sure that the links and files they contain are not infected by any malware.

But not everything is good since you can also find some important shortcomings such as a firewall or a webcam blocker. Also in Google Chrome you can find an extension to be able to have a safe navigation to avoid access to the pages that are quite harmful. The interface in recent years has evolved in a suitable way to have a fairly simple and modern design.

AVG Antivirus Free


According to the tests that this antivirus has undergone, it is capable of being close to 100% effective. It is quite adequate always to have one of the best possible protections. The interface stands out for being quite intuitive and can be used by anyone. Although it has many functions, the truth is that there are few buttons that appear in the interface.

The main function of this antivirus is to protect you against any threat. This is practically its last function and it fulfills it perfectly. It does not offer other additional features such as firewalls or even the systems necessary to diagnose any type of link in emails or on the network. It just looks for and uninstalls the software that is infected.



Through a Sophos account it can be synchronized with different accounts. In this way, the configuration can be maintained in all the devices of the ecosystem in a really comfortable way. In addition to sharing the configuration, a remote control system is added to be able to observe the processes of another equipment.

If the computers that are with this antivirus are going to be used by the smallest of the house, you can use the parental control system. In this way, different filters can be applied to any of the devices that are linked. These make your children unable to access sales pages or any type of content that you do not want to be viewed.



Within the Apple ecosystem one of the most used antivirus is Avira. It’s a great security tool and it’s free. In its latest versions it includes an intelligent analysis system that analyzes the system and helps to improve the security, privacy and performance of the Mac itself. It will analyze all the files that are stored in the storage unit itself and at any time they can be put Quarantine infected files or even delete them.

The interface used is quite intuitive and you always have access in the upper toolbar. Within Avíra, a free VPN system is integrated as well as a real-time protection system and an optimization protocol to be able to free the system from processes that are running in the background. To all this is added a password management system that is ideal as an alternative to the keychain.

What is the most recommended option?

There are many antivirus options that have been presented throughout this article. In the case of the options that can be found for free, one of the most recommended is Avira. It started out as an entirely macOS application and it has been evolving. This has led to trust in this antivirus and it includes a very interesting interface.

In the case of payment options, it should be noted above all Bitdefender pro the reliability it has when it comes to detecting the different malicious files that may exist in the internal storage of the device. All this with a really intuitive interface that will allow you to fully navigate in a comfortable way. Added to this are other additional features such as a VPN system that can also be really useful.

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