The great System Shock returns: where to buy it cheap?

Be that as it may, the first System Shock It hit stores in March 1994. by Origin Systems (Wing Commander, etc.) although its developers were actually the guys from Looking Glass Technologies, and it caused such an impact that that success still resonates today. Not surprisingly, it took us to a space station where we had to face an unknown and dangerous mystery by solving a series of puzzles and managing an inventory of objects that we had to use in specific places on its 3D map.

Despite that first title, in 1999 System Shock had a sequel and In 2015, one was even put up for sale. Enhanced Edition which is what you can see in the images that we leave you just above. So, although it is not a major franchise, it has always been latent in the memory of hundreds of thousands of players from all over the planet.

Now comes a reboot complete

The point is that System Shock now arrives, in just a few days, to PC again but It does it completely revamped, with a graphics engine adapted to 2023 but keeping that rolera essence intact, shooter and puzzle solving of the original. What’s more, we just have to take a walk through the materials that Nightdive Studios has published (by the way, the authors of the Enhanced Edition), to verify the radical change that the franchise will give.

well, with a launch scheduled for May 30, nothing like waiting for the classic with some offers accounts to buy it a tad reduced. At first, do not think that it is going to cost you a bit, since its price has been set at 39.99 euros, so it does not even reach the 79.99 that have become fashionable as a cost for a new novelty generation, so it is an affordable launch.

In any case, the game will only arrive for PC, so its purchase is strictly limited to the field of digital format, where we can get cheaper Steam activation keys in places like Fanatical, where you can get it in advance for 33.99 euros. That is to say, six less than the recommended price or, what is the same, with a 15% discount. If you want to take advantage of this reduction, you can do it from here.

Other games in the series

If in addition to the new release you want to experiment with the old titles, that you know that it is possible to do it also by buying keys for Steam at a really low price, like the ones you have in Eneba. And they are these:

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