The Honor Magic5 Pro voted best smartphone in photos, the end of the copper is too slow, the recap

DXOMARK experts claim that the new Honor Magic5 Pro is the best photophone, Xavier Niel considers the dismantling of copper too slow, Google wants to answer your SMS for you, this is the recap.

Credit: Honor

Honor has shaken up the market with its new high-end Magic5 Pro, which has been voted the best camera phone according to experts at DXOMARK. For his part, Xavier Niel attacked his competitor Orange on his efforts to dismantle the copper network. Finally, the Google Messages app just got a feature that could let an AI respond to texts for you. Come on, let’s go for the recap of the day on Thursday, March 23, 2023.

The Honor Magic5 Pro does wonders in photos

DXOMARK has placed a new smartphone at the top of its ranking of the best cameras for the photo part: the Honor Magic5 Pro. Launched a few weeks ago in France, the smartphone has obviously convinced the French experts, since it received an overall score of 152 points. That’s far ahead of the Huawei Mate 50 Pro, which previously held the crown. However, the Honor Magic5 Pro only uses 3 rear cameras.

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Xavier Niel tackles Orange on its efforts to dismantle the copper network

According to Xavier Niel, Orange’s plan to dismantle the copper network in France by 2030 is not ambitious enough. The CEO of Free considers that the process could be considerably accelerated, simply by forcing users to follow suit. The boss of the Orange competitor recommends going straight to the point, by directly imposing fiber in the areas concerned.

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Google wants to send messages for you

In the new APK of the Google Messages app, people have found a new button that seems to appeal to Bard, Google’s new intelligence that comes to compete with the GPT-4 model that underpins ChatGPT. Rather than answering your text messages yourself, it would be possible to click on the button to let Google compose a message for you.

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