There will be a big difference between Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon

We all have in our memory how much fun we had and how much we enjoyed the eight seasons of Game of Thrones, a rough and tough story that at certain times did not hesitate to show us situations of violence that were especially unpleasant for the viewer. Though in The House of the Dragon, it seems that things are going to change.

The series will set limits

The House of the Dragon supposes the return of the universe of Game of Thrones devised by George RR Martin in his book Blood and fire and that narrates the events that occurred in Poniente 300 years before of what we saw in the original HBO series. In this way, the story will focus on the Targaryens, you know, the ancestors of Daenerys, the famous “Mother of Dragons” and that as the seasons went by, she took on an increasingly relevant role.

Well, in that journey of the role played by Emilia Clarke there was a detail that did not go unnoticed by the viewers, and that was taken as a much-needed license to understand the character’s motivations, and that is sexual and physical violence to which she was subjected and that, in some way, conditioned the decisions that he would later make. Especially when that pain was inflicted by what he considered to be the enemies of his dynasty.

Well, in The House of the Dragon all that suffering that we could see explicitly in Game of Thrones through the experiences of Daenerys and other female characters is going to end, since neither sexual nor physical violence against women will be shown in the new series HBO Max premieres on August 21.

You won’t see it but you’ll feel it

It has been the scriptwriter and executive producer of the series for HBO, Sara Hess, who has clarified this decision in an interview with Vanity Fair. In it she confirms that in The House of the Dragon “We do not represent sexual violence. We left her off screen. Instead, we show the consequences and the impact on the victim and [en este caso] the perpetrator’s mother.

Clearly there will be comparisons with Game of Thrones As far as that rawness is concerned, that’s why Sara Hess Says She’s ‘Enormously Proud’ of having made this decision and of having chosen to focus on “violence against women as something inherent to a patriarchal system” that is constantly perceived within the story that it offers us The House of the Dragon.

There are “many historical or factual series that idealize powerful men in sexual or marital relationships with women who were not, in fact, of consenting age. Even if they were willing to do it. We cannot ignore the fact that our female leads in the first part of The House of the Dragon they are coerced and manipulated to accept the will of those same men. This does not necessarily make them rapists or abusers, as they are usually well-intentioned adults who cannot see that what they are doing is traumatic and repressive.” This is due, according to the screenwriter, to the fact that «the system in which they live has normalized it. It’s less obvious than rape, but just as painful. […] In general, depicting sexual violence as in Game of Thrones it’s complicated”.

And you, do you agree with the scriptwriter of The House of the Dragon?

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