The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona will move 9 terabytes of information to the cloud to offer a better service to the patient

The digital transformation has started an unstoppable path, capable of completely transforming or, at least, modifying certain tasks that we were used to. The objective is none other than to gain in agility, competitiveness and for companies, both public and private, to offer a better service to their clients.

This is the case of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​ready to establish itself as one of the most digitalized large health centers in all of Spain. Thanks to the collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), they have reached an agreement to improve customer service between the two. Offering him a much more personalized and predictive medicine.

AWS is a leading cloud technology provider, which will serve the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona to migrate its SAP environment to AWS thanks to the partner Techedge with which it will be able to move up to 9 terabytes of information, now available conveniently and securely in the cloud. And helping not only the work of professionals, but also to offer better care to the patient and, therefore, to their caregivers.

This new commitment to digital transformation has a clear objective: digitize the sometimes tedious administrative and operations processes to make this hospital center a more data-driven organization. Thus improving the availability and security of its corporate systems, optimizing costs and facilitating the scaling of the technological infrastructure based on the needs at any given time.

The importance of knowing how to use the enormous amount of data available

It must be taken into account that institutions such as these handle an enormous amalgamation of data. Information that is often not used as it should or is not fully accessible thanks to the rudimentary current processes and tools. With this initiative, data in the AWS cloud will have a greater ability to analyze it, a higher level of information and an improvement in the efficiency of operations. Or what is the same make better decisions for the patient.

Much more accessible and better organized information capable of helping to develop new tools to optimize user care, anticipate the status of patients and thereby reduce mortality. In fact, the hospital has already used this technology in a first stay and as an initial test to carry out a follow-up of patients with Covid-19.

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning from AWS by the Hospital Clínic will also help in an issue that many of these institutions suffer from: reduce waiting lists. And there is no doubt that these new technological tools are here to stay and revolutionize personalized patient care. “There are great opportunities in data management that will result in the well-being of our patients. To do this, we will create a multidisciplinary working group at the Hospital, to prioritize specific use cases and seek to improve clinical and operational indicators”, said David Vidal, Director of Information Systems at the Hospital Clínic.

The future: smart hospitals

The need to have “intelligent hospitals” in the XXI century is vital. It is important to create actions and work plans based on personalized data, improve processes and greater agility in decision making. In the case of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​it will also incorporate other pioneering services such as Amazon Transcribe, an AWS service that automatically converts speech to text to transcribe medical consultations, allowing doctors to focus on caring for the patient. Or Amazon Lex, a chatbot creation service with conversational artificial intelligence, to facilitate appointment management and telephone follow-up of patient medication.

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