The Internet does not work: Things you should, and should not, do

If your internet connection doesn’t work, don’t despair. In most cases, it is usually due to minor problems that can be solved in a very short time, and when we are faced with a more serious case, this is not usually the fault of the user, so we would only have to wait for the person responsible for it to solve it.

I wanted to start by making that distinction because, when an Internet connection does not work, it is not always our fault, but if we are not clear on this we can lose a lot of time, and end up totally frustrated. It is not the first time that we touch on this topic, but in this article we want to start from a clear, simple base and with a more practical touch, since we are going to see a series of things that we must do, and other things that we should not do.

The objective of this distinction is very simple, to avoid that you could end up wasting your time in a situation in which, in the end, you really couldn’t do anything, that is, in those cases in which the Internet connection does not work, but it is not your fault, or that of your connected equipment or devices.

The Internet Doesn’t Work: Things You Should Do

  1. Check, if you can, the status of the service. It is the first and most recommended, since this will allow you to rule out that the fault comes from your Internet provider. If you discard it, keep reading, otherwise, you can only wait for your provider to solve it.
  2. If you were working online, save everything what you can to avoid losing information or important advances you have made. Once done, see if the connection works on other computers. If so, restart the device that gives you problems, and if you do not have Internet on any computer, restart the modem by disconnecting it for at least one minute from the electrical current. It is also recommended to restart the devices that were connected.
  3. The previous step may not have solved anything, although it is not usual. If this happens, that is, if after those reboots your Internet connection does not work, you should, in this order, use the Windows 10 troubleshooter, run a scan for malware, and check your network settings and configuration.

The Internet is not working: Things you should not do

  1. Start messing around without making sure first that the problem does not come from your provider. It is something that, many years ago, happened to me on more than one occasion, and that taught me a very valuable lesson that I am sharing with you. Don’t waste time trying to fix something you can’t fix, make sure you can do it first.
  2. Don’t obsess over your connection status. It is no longer normal to have a very long fall, but even if this happens, be clear that your provider will be working to solve it as soon as possible, so you just have to wait. Nothing you do will influence this, be patient.
  3. Use your mobile network to continue workingPlaying or watching your favorite multimedia contents in streaming can be a good idea, but you should not do it if you have a very low data rate, since you could end up consuming them all and incur unforeseen expenses. As in the previous case, be patient.

We know that connection losses are very annoying, and that today more than ever we all need to be connected to the Internet, but nothing will happen if your Internet connection does not work for a few hours, in fact this will allow you to “travel back in time” and go back to that time when screens didn’t have such a presence in our lives.

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