The iPhone 15 Pro Ultra will be (even) more expensive

Hardly two months have passed since the presentation of the iPhone 14 but, as we have been telling you, Rumors and leaks about the iPhone 15 have been on the table for some time. And, interestingly, most of them are not about the most affordable models of this future family, no. They focus on their top of the range, the great object of desire, generation after generation and, in addition, a best seller, as we have seen in previous years.

On the one hand, it has been leaked that the Pro Ultra 15, the new top of the range, will debut a new design that will serve to distinguish it even more (as if its exclusive functions and features were not enough) from the rest of the range. And as for the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, it was already anticipated earlier this year (in the absence of a year and a half for its launch) that they could have Face ID under the screen, a technological and design solution that Apple has been testing for some time.

And more recently we have learned that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Ultra 15 will dispense with physical buttons altogether, replacing them with haptic controls. Thus, it seems that we are heading towards a new generation of Pros that aims to reconsider a great evolutionary leap with respect to its predecessors, the current 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, which, in turn, have also managed to mark distances with the base models.

This is, as I say, the little we “know” when there are still about 10 months to go (except for surprises) for the arrival of that new generation, so we can be sure that there will be more news and improvements to the entire range, yes, but especially of the Pro models, since Apple has already been able to confirm, since 2019, that users consider that the price difference between bases and pros is more than justified and that, consequently, opt for higher performance models.

This, however, has a price (and never better said), since these extra features are usually not exactly cheap. Thus, and as we can read in Forbes, The iPhone 15 Pro Ultra will hit the market with a price increase compared to the 14 Pro MaxThe reason for this price increase would be found in the increase, substantial according to the source, of costs in the production process, some extra costs that Apple would raise to affect the final price of the top of the range.

No specific numbers are indicated, but it is stated that unlike what happened with the iPhone 14, whose price has remained the same compared to the previous generation in China and the United States (with increases in the rest of the geographies), that of 2023 with the iPhone 15 will be global. Which, of course, makes us wonder about the hypothetical starting price of the future 15 Pro Ultra.

And we have to remember that the current generation, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, part of the 1,469 euros for the model with 128 gigabytes, which scale up to 2,119 euros for the model with one terabyte. Thus, no matter how “slight” this increase is, we can expect it to be above 1,500 euros. And to give a bit of context, let us remember that Samsung’s absolute top of the range, the Galaxy S22 Ultra with a terabyte and 12 gigabytes of RAM, has an official price of 1,658.99 euros, currently it can be purchased for 1,304.00. The step is getting higher, and I wonder how far it can go, and what effects it can have.

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