The king of YouTube succumbs to the slap of Will Smith

It is possible that there is not a single person in the world, right now, who has not seen Will Smith’s famous slap to Chris Rock at the 94th Oscars ceremony held in the early hours of March 27-28, 2022 in the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. a moment that will remain for posterity and that has aroused, not only the curiosity to see it repeated over and over again, even in slow motion, but has also caused a whole moral debate around it.

The most viral so far this year

If we say right now that Will Smith starred in the award ceremony of the Academy of Hollywood it is not necessary to add more. You know perfectly well that it’s all due to that scuffle with the presenter over the joke about his wife’s alopecia. Well, so much has been the repercussion of the moment that the complete sequence of that moment is breaking all records on a platform as accustomed to virality as YouTube itself.

The video with the smack of Will Smith has managed to break the record for visits in a single day from that reached a few months ago, at the end of 2021, by MrBeast, the youtuber who recreated his own version of the squid game and that aroused the interest of millions of viewers practically at the same time. Specifically 43 in just 24 hours, which until today was a record that only the untimely reaction of the actor from Philadelphia has been able to overcome.

And it is that at this time, the video of the complete scene, without cuts or censorship (that is how they announce it) that he published Guardian, is on track to exceed 66 million views just at the moment in which the first 24 hours of the event are completed. A totally involuntary, casual milestone, but that gives an idea of ​​the tremendous pull that that moment has reached after the celebration of the 94th Oscars ceremony.

replicas everywhere

That success of the Will Smith video is not only influencing that small prize that has been won as the YouTube video with the most views in a single day, but also is generating a whole torrent of memes and adaptations that has led many content creators to be fattened by what happened. Thus, another of the contents that is going viral is the repetitions of the smack, including slow-motion analysis that allows you to see every detail of the path that the arm and hand take.

The madness is such that we will see how it all ends since, after all, at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood they are probably not too happy. Will Smith’s Slap has almost completely hidden the success of a film like CODA And, despite the saying that the important thing is “that they talk about one, even if it is bad”, it is certain that the Oscars do not want to go down in history for events like this that tarnish an industry that, due to the pandemic, continues in crisis in theaters. And let’s not talk about the scarce production away from superhero titles, which has led some production companies to consider their future, exclusively, on streaming platforms.

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