The latest mini trailers for Dr. Strange 2 reveal spoilers? very interesting

There is nothing left for the arrival in movie theaters of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and everyone fans are eager to see what possibilities this new installment opens up inside the MCU. In addition, Marvel is beginning to run its campaigns of no spoilers in social networks. It is for this last reason that it has been surprising that they themselves were the first to spoil the film for fans, through several new commercials that have been released recently. Or is it not?

For your Eyes Only

And it is too surprising that Marvel Studios, probably the company that imposes the most zeal on all its products, is responsible for launching a whole battery of cameos to each more daring of that second installment of the Doctor Strange. However, despite appearances, there is much to tell because Although it seems that these teaser show a lot, actually they have not been so foolish as to blow the movie to anyone. Or so we think.

In the first of these videos we can see at first a hand and a kind of yellow chair that, without any doubt, belongs to Professor X, played again by Patrick Stewart. This appearance should not be a surprise to anyone, since we already saw him in the second trailer of the tape (in addition to a confirmation by the actor himself during an interview a few months ago). We hope that this character opens the door for us, or rather the portal, to be able to enjoy more members of the mythical Fox X-Men.

Secondly, Marvel, with this television spot, settles once and for all the debate that has taken place among the followers of whether a certain character that appeared was a variant of Iron Man or Captain Marvel. Finally, it is confirmed that it is the second but beware, because this version (born in the Multiverse) is not Carol Danvers, but Maria Rambeau, the superheroine’s best friend in her solo movie, played by Lashana Lynch. We assume that this new protagonist comes from a dimension in which the plane crash was suffered by Maria instead of Carol, so it was Rambeau who finally ended up gaining all her cosmic powers.

Captains everywhere

Finally, and continuing with the thread of the Captains, we find the first appearance of Captain Carter in the second movie of the supreme sorcerer. This character It’s not new to MCU fans. since we already saw it in action during the first season of the Marvel Studios animated series What If…? A production that, although at first it seemed that it would not have much importance within the cinematographic universe, has finally been one of the most important projects to understand what is going to happen in this new film.

This character, by the way, marks a milestone within Marvel and it is the first time that a superhero created for the Disney + series has a place in a company feature film. In any case, although fans have complained enough that Marvel has revealed these appearances, it must also be said that all these heroes had already been seen in trailers or on posters (in the main one you could see a fragment of Peggy Carter’s shield ), so technically speaking, Marvel Studios has not spoiled nothing we didn’t know.

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