The law obliges companies to regulate efficient ergonomic models with unions

The change in the work model after the pandemic is evident. The door to remote work or hybrid models has been completely opened and, therefore, a Teleworking Law was created to regulate these situations at all levels. According to a European study by Fellowes, 63% of Spaniards feel more productive teleworking and 30% say they feel more productive with a hybrid model.

The concept of productivity is directly related to well-being and occupational health and, therefore, as a result of the pandemic, remote working conditions and occupational health are key in future relationships between worker and company. That is why the Teleworking Law has ‘forced’ companies to regulate with the unions efficient ergonomic models, as we have recently known with the case of Ikea.

In this sense, there are already organizations that financially help workers who carry out more than 30% of their working hours remotely, not only for the acquisition of equipment but also for ergonomic products.

There are regulations within this Law applicable to professionals who, due to the characteristics of their position, are linked to office work, customer service or distance sales. They are recognized the right to an ergonomic and adequate equipment to the job.

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As indicated by Fellowes, the minimum essential elements to ensure the correct work well-being based on an ergonomic analysis of your environment would be a footrest, a lumbar backrest, a mouse and ergonomic mats and, of course, a monitor arm that regulates in height of the screen on which you work.

Ergonomic chairs and tables

83% of Spaniards who work remotely affirm that having an ergonomic environment that has a good chair with a back, a desk at its height and a suitable monitor at eye level, consider it essential for their health and the improvement of their productivity.

In addition, the air purifier is included as one more element to preserve the ergonomic environment in a closed space. COVID-19 invites you to take care of the workplace with proper ventilation and air sanitation based on certified HEPA filter purifiers. Both locally and remotely.

This new work environment and the attitudes that Spaniards show towards it reveal that we are not far removed from workers from all over Europe such as France, Germany, the Netherlands or Poland, among others.

In the end, the regulation by the Teleworking Law leads companies to seek agreements with workers in order to optimize the workplace and obtain efficient models.

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