The manufacture of AirPods returns from Vietnam to China due to the pandemic

The happy pandemic of COVID-19 It is far from over yet, and it continues to affect the population in different ways depending on the country. While in China it is already highly controlled with very low levels of infections, in other countries it is wreaking havoc. And one of them is Vietnam.

And in Vietnam It’s where the AirPods were being made lately. Apple wants to manufacture in other countries so as not to depend so much on China, and one of those chosen to distribute the manufacture of its devices was Vietnam. Now, because of the pandemic, the manufacture of AirPods has returned to China. We must ensure the production of the new AirPods 3.

Among the manufacturing problems that Apple had at the beginning of the pandemic, when all the factories of its suppliers of China, and the drawbacks that Trump put for the US to do business with Chinese companies, Tim Cook saw clearly that he had to diversify the production of his devices, and not depend so much on a single country.

We see a clear example of this trend with the AirPods. Apple began testing production of its AirPods in Vietnam more than a year ago. Things were going so well that even at the end of last year the Vietnamese manufacturers of AirPods were looking for financing to increase production with new manufacturing plants.

But according to Nikkei Asia, Manzana has had to start mass-producing the third-generation AirPods in China instead of Vietnam due to continued shutdowns of Vietnamese factories from the COVID-19 outbreaks that are ravaging the country.

It was necessary to ensure the production of the AirPods 3

Apple needs to have many millions of AirPods 3 to have them ready at the launch of the new headphones, theoretically scheduled for September. So he has had no choice but to go back to pulling the Chinese manufacturers, even if it weighs him down.

It is expected to be a one-off issue, and Vietnam will restart its production capacity In a few months, when the level of vaccinated in the country is high enough to keep under control the said pandemic that is causing so much damage throughout the planet.

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