The most anticipated release! Windows 11 already has a release date

The expectation for the release of Microsoft’s new operating system was undeniable, and there are not a few users who are looking forward to enjoying the new benefits of Windows 11. Despite the criticism received for its high requirements, the new Windows there is little more than a month to see the light.

Highlights of the new version

As reported by Microsoft through its official blog, the new operating system will be available on next October 5, 2021 as a free update for Windows 10 PCs that are eligible or for PCs that are sold preloaded and become available for purchase. On existing Windows 10 computers that meet the minimum requirements, the update will come to us through Windows Update. We can also verify if our device is eligible through Microsoft’s PC status verification application that we can download from here.

The new Windows 11 arrives ready to enhance all our productivity and inspire our creativity. In the same way, the company has reported the main changes with which it will arrive, the most obvious being its design, the most immediate, offering a cleaner feeling at all times.

Along with it, Microsoft 365 We will find it integrated into the Start menu, offering access to recently viewed files for greater cross-platform integration. Likewise, one of the great novelties, the incorporation for the first time of Microsoft Teams We will also find it available, along with widgets and quick access to relevant information such as news, weather or sports.

The new version of Windows will also arrive with the new App Store which will allow more independent software vendors and developers to bring their applications to it. Also, the operating system will continue focusing on the games desktop, thanks to support for DirectX12 Ultimate, DirectStorage and Auto HDR.

Compatibility with Android apps, the great absence

One of the novelties of Windows 11 most awaited by users is undoubtedly the Android application compatibility. However, disappointment can take hold of them because in this first update will not be present this expected feature. At the moment, a preview edition of the Android apps on Windows 11 will be available to Windows Insiders users in the coming months, so it will likely not be available to all Windows 11 users until well into 2022.

New Microsoft Store Windows 11 insider

Thus, at the moment it will not be possible to download Android applications from the Store and we will not be able to install applications manually using “sideloading”, at least for the moment, although it is expected that it may be available in the future.

If at the moment we prefer not to update to Windows 11 or simply our computer does not have the minimum compatible requirements, Microsoft will keep the Windows 10 updates until 2025.

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