The most demanded HR profiles are those specialized in technology, finance and retail

The Human Resources professionals They are facing a year marked by uncertainty in which, however, they will have contracting options depending on the sector in which they are. He Study of Global Remuneration of robert waltersexposes the main hiring and remuneration trends for the human resources area for the year 2023.

This report contains salary information, hiring advice, labor market analysis based on hiring by Robert Walters Group’s global search and selection teams, as well as predictions from its innovation department and think tank.

It contains interesting questions for both companies and professionals, listing ideas such as: new technologies, work habits, hiring and compensation trends, reconciliation of work and family life, work motivation, work environment, professional career advice, leadership and innovation in the field of talent and HR.

Employment increases in middle management and managers

Inflation, the rise in interest rates and energy costs are putting all companies in our country to the test.

“In recent months we are seeing that many companies have restructured their workforces due to energy costs and the drop in business volume. This translates into less hiring of HR professionals at a specialist level. However, there is a need to have better-trained professionals with more experience in middle management and executives”, points out Guillermo Julio, Managing Consultant in the division of search and selection of profiles of Human Resources in Robert Walters.

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“Faced with a time of uncertainty and a downturn in business, what employees are looking for is security. Knowing that they have the support of their company and having continuous information on the real situation of the company, as well as knowing what the future plans are, is something vital to retain the best-prepared talent”, declares Guillermo Julio.

Where will more employment be generated in the HR area?

Taking the sector into account, the profiles of HR specialists in technology, finance or retail They are the ones who have the most opportunities to find a new job that brings them a better salary or more attractive benefits, such as a higher percentage of teleworking per week or flexible hours.

On the other hand, the three profiles for which organizations are competing the most are:

  • Corporate Director of Human Resources: It can be considered the star profile since many companies are facing difficult situations. Therefore, the demand for HR managers with a general vision and strong legal knowledge will continue to grow throughout 2023.
  • HR Business Partner: It is the most sought-after position for middle managers, but in each economic context they have a different role in companies. During this year, those with experience in labor relations or collective bargaining will be the most attractive on the market.
  • Senior IT Talent Acquisition: the reduction in recruitment at a global level is making many companies pay attention to technological talent in our country. For this reason, many companies that do not have an office in Spain are looking for talent attraction professionals to support them in the search for the most competitive technological professional profiles.

Hiring and Compensation Trends

As has been recorded in the first months of 2023, this year the salaries of HR professionals are expected to remain stable compared to last year, increasing between 3 and 10% in those profiles that work in large multinationals. .

According to the survey on the labor market carried out by Robert Walters for the 2023 Global Remuneration Study, this data coincides with the expectation of HR professionals, since they declare that this year expect to receive or have already received a 1-5% salary increase (47% of respondents) or 6-10% (25%).

To register a more attractive change in the salary base, professionals will have to make the leap to a new company, since this way they will be able to negotiate a salary between 15 and 25% higher than the current one.

According to the aforementioned survey, only 35% of professionals do not plan to change jobs in the next two years. Among those who are looking for a new opportunity, 63% state that they do so to see their salary increase, 57% to progress in their professional career and 37% because they want more flexibility.

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