The most outstanding successes of Jon Prosser about Apple

One of the most recurring themes that always revolve around Apple is the leaks and predictions that many leakers make about the different equipment and devices that the Cupertino company will launch. One of the most popular is, without a doubt, Jon Prosser, and in this post we are going to tell you what his most outstanding successes have been in recent months.

Correct Predictions by Jon Prosser

This filter or leaker, whatever you want to call him, has a success rate of 69%, and although there are others who are capable of surpassing him in this figure, the truth is that Jon Prosser always points very well to where the Cupertino company can go . In fact, and we are already fully into one of his most outstanding successes, he was one of the first to anticipate what the apple headphone design what we know today as AirPods Max. The reality is that he surprised us all when he showed us the silhouette of these headphones, however, time ended up proving him right.

Apple AirPods Max

If we talk about controversial devices and products, with the arrival of MagSafe in the iPhone 12, this leaker was another of the first to predict that the Cupertino company was working on a new battery that would take advantage of said technology to adhere to these devices. Well, again he was right again, since today Apple markets the much-criticized MagSafe battery. Another of the Apple products that Jon Prosser advanced were the AirTagIn fact, the design and shape that these were going to have was unknown and he was one of the first to anticipate how they were going to finally be some gadgets that, things as they are, became very difficult until Apple decided to market them.

iPhone and AirTag

At the functional level, and we are also talking about one of the latest leaks that have come true, Jon Prosser already advanced at the time as the ipad miniin addition to having the design change that all users expected, it was also going to be able to count on the USB-C port. This was great news for all lovers of this device, since the possibilities it offers are really great. Last but not least, another of his successes was to advance the news that Apple was working on some colored iMacs. This was totally groundbreaking, since nobody expected that the Cupertino company would re-introduce such a striking range of colors in a device like the iMac. Well, Jon Prosser, once again, gave us some juicy and attractive news.

screen imac m1 2021

There are many more leaks that this leaker has given to all his followers and that have ended up coming true, in the same way that there are also many others that finally fell apart. However, if you want to know all their predictions, you can visit this web page where you can find them. In conclusion, you always have to be aware of Jon Prosser’s words, since having a 69% accuracy in their predictionsmakes you worthy of such attention.

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