The most searched on Google Spain in 2022

We continue with the end-of-year “compilations” and one that cannot be missing is that of Google and its search service, the most used in practically the entire world. Specifically, it is Google Trends that collects all the data related to searches and brings them together for consultation, disaggregating them by country.

So let’s see what’s been the most searched in 2022 in Google Spain… although I can tell you in advance that, with few exceptions, the most searched terms in the different categories that Google Trends collects reflect a mediocrity that is a little more disappointing than expected, and that one could not expect much.

Even so, there is a bit of everything and a multitude of topics that have been current are mixed with others that you will not even know about, and there is also room for surprise, as the most searched term of all shows. Said which, the international picture, more profuse than the Spanish, is not particularly brilliant either.

  1. Wordle
  2. Ukraine
  3. eurobasketball
  4. Rafael Nadal
  5. Russia
  6. Carlos Alcaraz
  7. Tamara Falco
  8. climate change
  9. Will Smith
  10. monkey pox
  1. Ukraine
  2. climate change
  3. monkey pox
  4. light price today
  5. transportation strike
  6. elections Andalusia
  7. Omicrom symptoms
  8. Castilla y León elections
  9. Benidorm Festival
  10. Queen of England
  1. antequeran baton
  2. red of summer
  3. Sex On The Beach
  4. Carnival ears
  5. brine
  6. butter cookies
  7. marmitaco
  8. original carbonara
  9. cod fritters
  10. quiche
  1. when does the world cup start
  2. when do they remove the masks
  3. When does Alcaraz play?
  4. when does fifa 23 come out
  5. When does Nadal play?
  6. when is ios 16 coming out
  7. when does the heat wave end
  8. when is electricity cheaper today
  9. When does Spain play basketball?
  10. when to do antigen test
  1. secret story
  2. survivors
  3. Uncharted
  4. The crooked lines of God
  5. Passion of Hawks
  6. Dahmer
  7. bullet train
  8. nightmare in paradise
  9. welcome to eden
  10. smile
  1. Tamara Falco
  2. Will Smith
  3. Isabel II
  4. Chanel
  5. Shakira
  6. Olivia Newton-John
  7. Rigoberta Bandini
  8. Anne Héche
  9. Vladimir Putin
  10. Oscar Hall

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