The new Monkey Island arrives on Series X | S and PS5, but not on Xbox One and PS4

Ron Gilbert’s latest canon and pirate adventure is finally coming to next-gen consoles. Return to Monkey Island will land on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S the next November 8th, thus completing its presence on current platforms after being available for PC and Nintendo Switch. If you haven’t played this great adventure yet, you probably don’t have any excuses for not doing it.

Free on Xbox Game Pass

The best news is undoubtedly Xbox Game Pass users, as Microsoft has confirmed that Return to Monkey Island will arrive November 8 to your Xbox Game Pass catalogthus allowing all subscribers to download the game completely free while it is available in the catalog.

But the good news also comes with some not so good news. Or why deny it, they are pretty bad. And it is that unfortunately the previous generation of consoles has been completely left out of the equation, so if you continue playing on an Xbox One or a PS4, we must tell you that you will not be able to play Return to Monkey Island.

What is the secret of Monkey Island?

The eternal question will try to be answered in this new installment. If you played the first two Monkey Island (The Secret of Monkey Island Y Monkey Island 2: Lechuck’s Revenge), this would be the next installment to play, since as its creator has clarified, it is the correct continuation that would continue to maintain the plot and the argument of the Monkeys of always.

This does not mean that the following Monkey Island are not good or valid, but in terms of continuity and plot structure, it seems that Ron Gilbert’s stamp is the only one that is valid in all this.


The Curse of Monkey Island.

A Monkey Island is always worth it, but this one in particular will be a must-have treat for those who played the original games over 30 years ago. They criticized the visual style that the game presented a lot, and they were so angry that even Ron Gilbert himself decided to stop giving away small advance details due to the hate who was suffering in the networks.

But the decisions were correct since the general opinion is that we are facing another hilarious, entertaining and unforgettable graphic adventure that will leave us with a very good taste in our mouths. The mechanics have been able to adapt perfectly to the times, and the disappearance of the action verb box or the possibility of quickly rewinding the last conversations allow us to give a plus of acceleration in this era in which immediacy or the absence of patience shine for his absence.

So now you know, if you’re one of those people who shouts from the rooftops “I’m into graphic adventures”, it’s taken you a long time to play it if you haven’t done so by now. And if you only had PS5 or Xbox Series now you no longer have an excuse not to play it.

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