Oh no! The next big PlayStation game has been leaked again

Sony is not too lucky with hacks and security, especially when it comes to trying to keep secrets well kept. And it is that the next great exclusive PlayStation game, which is set to burst the sales list, has been leaked. Or at least, a preliminary version of it has poked its nose around the Internet and has put Sony on the ropes again. And we say again, because it is not the first case of its kind. We tell you what game it was and all the details of the case.

Sony’s security team meetings have to be a show. The Japanese company has a long history of failure of this type. From the legendary hack Sony Pictures, until the PSN years ago, this same last summer gave the alert of the multiple attacks on user accounts.

But not only does it suffer from security on its platforms, but it is also a victim of leaks. In fact, the latest great exclusive game, called to be one of the biggest hits of the year, has appeared early on social media.

Horizon Forbidden West leaked to the network

Apparently, as reported Video Games Chronicle, an incomplete version of Horizon Forbidden West It would have been leaked in its version for PS4.

Screenshots and videos on social media, especially Twitter, attested to what it looked like the expected second part of the success Horizon zero dawn. These leaks presented images where it could be seen that certain artistic elements of the game were missing. I mean, I know it is an incomplete version of the game.

We already know how the networks are and that, in them, everything is false until the opposite is proven, but, if you go looking for the images and videos, you will be able to verify that they are not, and that is that they have been withdrawn from Twitter on the occasion of a violation of copyright.

That’s a sign which would indicate that the game was, indeed, Horizon Forbidden West.

Apparently, Sony has not only been quick to act on networks, but in general, plugging the leakage gap. Many were waiting for the game to start poking its head around file-sharing sites, but for now, nothing at all.

This is not the first time a PlayStation game has been leaked

Last of Us 2, another victim of leaks

The Japanese company has the black one. If you are a pro fan, you will remember that a few months before the launch of The Last of Us: Part II, a large part of the expected title was leaked online, including scenes that significantly gutted the plot and the game.

Horizon Forbidden West the February 18, 2022. So, if you are a fan and you don’t want your gaming experience to be ruined, be very careful with social media in the coming weeks. The fact that the game has not appeared on exchange sites for the moment does not mean that it will not do so in the days to come.

We will see if Sony does not get more lightning strikes of this type, because the truth is that it has a safety record that gives a lot to think about.

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