The Nothing Phone (1) is hell to fix, according to this expert

The Nothing Phone (1) is the hardest-to-repair phone of 2022, according to Hugh Jeffreys. The specialized Youtubeur shows us point by point the difficulty of handling Nothing’s smartphone. In question, the Glyph system.

Nothing launched its very first smartphone this year: the Phone (1). A product that enchanted us with its efficiency and its design that was off the beaten track. However, it has a major flaw according to Youtuber Hugh Jeffreys : it is a horror to repair.

The YouTuber specializing in tech reveals his ranking of the worst smartphones of 2022 in terms of repairability. If the iPhone 14 is indeed present at the top of the ranking, it is overtaken by this unexpected guest.

The Nothing Phone (1) is an eyesore to fix

In this video, Hugh Jeffreys explains point by point why this Nothing Phone (1) is complicated to repair, if not impossible. By removing the back shell (transparent) of the product, we come across the first obstacle : Glyph.

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As a reminder, Glyph is a system of LEDs placed on components visible from the outside. Removing it is a delicate operation, given that it is well fixed and that it is composed of many parts. Even being very careful, the risk of damaging the product is great. But it is a mandatory step to access the basic components of the phone, such as the battery.

Once in the bowels of the smartphone, Jeffreys tells us about the second obstacle that stands in front of the user: difficulty in finding spare parts. For example, the fingerprint sensor is not replaceable. Putting another disables it completely. Unheard of on a smartphone. Finally, putting the transparent glass plate back to reassemble it is no easy task either.

In short, the Nothing Phone (1) is the worst phone in terms of repairability for Hugh Jeffreys. If you have one, you will therefore have to be vigilant and call the British company directly in the event of a breakdown. At the same time, he rents the Galaxy S22 as well as the Pixel 7, two of the easiest smartphones to repair released this year.

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