The Oculus Quest has a year left to live

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If you are one of those early adopters who spent 400 euros (and more) on the first Oculus Quest, you have probably quite enjoyed a world in which not many believed and which has more and more followers. But unfortunately, life goes on, except for your beloved virtual reality headset.

The cause of the success of virtual reality

Oculus Quest Features

They were the first virtual reality glasses that caught on with the great mass. Fantastic versatility, great applications, a comfortable store to use and maximum mobility were the keys to the success of these glasses that allowed you to be transported to unimaginable worlds in a matter of seconds.

The pandemic helped the integration of the viewer a lot, since many users were able to go outside without leaving home. But after this model came the Meta Quest 2and later the Meta Quest Prowhich aim to reach a more professional public with other types of needs.

And yes, we cannot speak of success as such, since it is still a niche product, but after many attempts over the last decades, now, virtual reality seems to be here to stay. The utilities that are being given is another separate case.

Will they stop working?

Oculus Quest 2

Meta has sent a series of emails to owners of the virtual reality headset advising that the company will stop offering new features to the Oculus Questalso noting that some of those already present will disappear soon.

If you are concerned about security updates and patches, Meta has confirmed that these updates will continue to arrive until 2024but they will no longer have access to the social functions of Meta Horizon, Facebook’s metaverse that allows you to access virtual chats with other users.

access to Meta Horizon will no longer be available pretty soon as it will be next March 5, 2023 when social features are turned off forever for the first generation of the viewer.

Why does it stop working?

Let’s remember that the Oculus Quest works with a Snapdragon 835, a fairly old platform that is not optimized for virtual reality. Meta Quest 2, however, is supported by the Snapdragon XR2, a processor that is indeed designed for VR and that will surely make things easier at the development level. But remember to refer to the official Oculus documentation, developer forums, and resources specific to the developer mode Oculus Quest 2 to stay up-to-date with the latest optimization techniques and best practices.

Will I be able to continue playing games?

Games and applications are not in danger, as long as they are compatible. The glasses are from 2019, so, after 4 years in business, his farewell was going to come at any moment. And that moment will be soon. Of course, a second life for the viewer is to use it together with a PC, since they are used to play virtual reality games that require a viewer to move 360 ​​degrees. So keep that detail in mind, because you could take advantage of them much more than you imagine.

Via: The Verge

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