Ted Lasso did not leak the iPhone 13 without notch and we explain why

Ted Lasso and the iPhone 13 without notch

In a matter of a couple of weeks or a month at most Apple will present its new iPhone 13, a device that, like every year, is awaited with great interest. Because it is the terminal with which the rest of the brands are compared in the end and because there is always the curiosity to see what improvements or changes the company brings beyond those foreseeable such as the change of processor, better cameras, etc.

This year, to stir interest in the future iPhone a bit, there has been talk for a long time about the possibility that Apple reduces the size of the notch or directly achieves remove notch on screen that bothers some so much. So this unconfirmed information is what has served to see and believe without doubting what will happen after the emission of chapter 6 of the second season of Ted Lasso.

In this last chapter of the popular Apple TV + series, an iPhone appears in two moments that would not attract attention if it were not because when the screen is shown there is no notch. Boom! Has Apple missed what will be its next last iPhone before it is officially presented? Well, not so fast, although you might think that it is a way of promoting your phones for the future, the explanation of why it does not have a notch is much simpler.

Why doesn’t the iPhone seen in Ted Lasso have notch

Those of you who have worked in advertising or in the production of series and movies will know that normally the electronic devices with which users interact are either models or are directly turned off. In the best of cases, use is made of a green or blue screen on which a chrome key.

Why is it done like this and with the device turned on? Well because in a recording you have to control everything to the millimeter and one of those things is what appears on the screen. So, normally, trusting that the actor will be able to interact with him without mistakes and that everything seems fluid is risky.

For example, when Rebecca is interacting with the mobile app for appointments and the letters appear before her fingers touch the screen. So the plans are recorded and in post-production a track is made to later place the desired interface.

In this case, it seems that the person responsible for such tracking and replacement did not take into account the issue of notch. So Ted Lasso’s notchless iPhone 13 isn’t real. Another thing is that it ends up arriving or not, possibly it will do so in the next year, but for now it will not happen. Or, at least, we are not going to discover an iPhone 13 without a notch this year.

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