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Fans of PC games are very lucky because they are, by far, the ones that usually have the best offers and that they allow them from time to time Go completing your library on Steam. After all, the advantage of an open platform to which launches have not stopped arriving for 40 years and which does not know generations, but hardware changes (upgradable), allows us to never consider closed the possibility of keep buying more and more.

A triple pack very interesting

As it is, now it has been Fanatical that has launched the traditional triple pack of spring where we can get hold of three games at the price of 2.99 euros in total, and that we can choose from a closed list of various releases. It is true that we are not talking about AAA of scandal, of those well-known ones that upset the best-seller lists, but there are more than enough names to choose several and leave us with the feeling that we have not been scammed.

The procedure to take advantage of this offer is the same as always with these packages: only we have to add to the cart the three games we want and, even if you see that their normal prices appear, it will not be until the checkout when the discount is applied that leaves them all at 2.99 euros. So if you like, we are going to show you the titles that are part of this promotion that will return Steam codes to redeem them in the Spanish store.

From muggings to karate series

In total there will be 14 games that are part of this triple pack of spring and we find everything from some well-known names that had their moments of glory a few years ago, such as payday 2, to adaptations of well-known series such as Cobra Kai. Along the way there are others that are more discreet but that are also worth it at that price of the whole set. It is the case of Blood and Zombies, stranger either Golf Club Wasteland.

We are going to make special mention of a small development, which is already a few years old and which originally came to mobile devices, such as Punch Cluba precious pixel art that on top hides a deep development where we must control the management of resources and people in a city full of criminals that we must defeat. If you can give it a chance, it is sure that it will not disappoint you.

Below you have all the games that are part of this Spring Triple Pack that you have available at Fanatical:

  • Pathology 2
  • Playne
  • samura
  • I am Bread
  • Rebel Galaxy Out Law
  • stranger
  • Gold Club Wasteland
  • autonauts
  • Game Dev Studio
  • Blood and Zombies
  • Cobra Kai
  • rebel galaxy
  • Punch Club
  • payday 2

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