Delete these Kodi repositories – your PC will thank you

This is a solution that little by little has been gaining the trust of users thanks to all the potential it offers us. In addition, we must bear in mind that it not only focuses on the reproduction of the aforementioned content, but also on its management. To do this, it presents a user interface and a series of menus full of functions that will be very helpful to us.

It is true that we cannot say that its interface, despite being peculiar and its own, is simple to use. But it seems more like an independent operating system than just another program. But that’s not all, since Kodi also offers us the possibility of installing small pieces of software known as add-ons or add-ons. These are elements that are responsible for increasing the functionality or improving the appearance and security of the program. They are usually located in repositories generally from third parties, although the Kodi developers themselves also offer us their own.

When we talk about external or third-party repositories, they are those that we can add to the open source program to download from them. However, despite their widespread use around the world, on certain occasions they are not the best option, let’s see the reasons for this.

kodi add-ons

Some repositories are no longer supported

As we have already mentioned before many of these repositories created by third parties external to the project as such, we installed them without informing ourselves beforehand. With this, what we want to tell you is that they are repositories with add-ons that no longer receive any type of support. Probably not being updated, these do not work correctly on Kodi, which could affect the rest of the functions and libraries.

In addition, many of these unsupported elements are exploited by malicious users to enter our equipment through the media center.

Illegal Kodi add-ons are common

One of the great controversies that this application presents us with is that it is used on many occasions to access paid content. This is something that cannot be done natively with Kodi, for which we need these illicit add-ons. We must bear in mind that the program as such is not at all illegal, but what is outside the law are those third-party repositories and the use that users make of them.

Therefore, if we do not want to have problems with the law in the future, what we must do is eliminate these in repositories that we know are not allowed.

There are malicious repositories that are made with personal data

Likewise, there are certain repositories full of add-ons, some of them useful, others not so much, which are actually in charge of entering our team to get personal data. These pieces of software They have been developed by cyber criminals to easily enter our PC through Kodi and thus be able to access disk utilities with total immunity.

Therefore, if we read that it is a repository it can contain malicious codes, we had a somewhat strange behavior of its contents, we should eliminate it as soon as possible.

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