The official price of the Sony A95K in Europe is filtered

The new Sony A95K is about to drop. The new top of the range for 2022 from the Japanese manufacturer (with the permission of the 8K model) has already been officially presented and already appears on the various official Sony pages. Just a few days ago our colleague Javier was at the official presentation of the Sony A95K and he told you everything that we will see in the first QD-OLED model of the manufacturer. But there was something we didn’t know. A very important point for most users: the price. At least we didn’t know about it until now, because today the price of the new televisions has been published on the official website of Sony Austria.

The Sony A95K has aroused great expectation. And it is not surprising since, after many years of slight improvements when we go from one model to another, it seems that in 2022 we will have a significant leap in terms of image quality. An image quality that, on the other hand, was already very high on the Sony A90J. However, QD-OLED technology takes image quality to a new level, especially when it comes to maximum brightness and colour.

Sony A95K: official leaked prices

The Sony A95K arrives with very interesting news. The main one, as we have already mentioned, is the use of a QD-OLED panel. This new panel offers a wider color paletteas well as a top gloss that of last year’s models. The A95K retains the Cognitive Processor XR image processor, which has been fine-tuned this year to take full advantage of the new panel technology.

According to the manufacturer, by combining the new QD-OLED panel with the XR OLED Contrast Pro system, the Sony A95K offers up to 200% color brightness compared to conventional OLED TVs. This achieves scenes with pure blacks and brighter colors. In addition, the new model incorporates a temperature sensor and a heat dissipation sheet so that it is totally safe to use the television in all kinds of situations.

leaked Sony A95K official price in Europe contrast

To all this we must add the usual Sony refinements, such as the XR 4K Upscaling for one of the best scaling on the market and the XR OLED Motion, which achieves fluid and sharp movement with all kinds of scenes. On the other hand, new QD-OLED technology enables constant luminance at any viewing angle. That is, at all viewing angles the colors are uniform and true, without loss of quality.

Leaving aside the image, Sony has also improved the sound section of its new flagship. The Sony A95K has Acoustic Surface Audio+, with two rounded actuators that emit a more powerful and realistic sound. Also has Surround XR, a system that seeks to simulate surround sound from the TV speakers; as well as VoiceZoom 2which detects and analyzes the type of voice to make it clearer.

leaked Sony A95K official price in Europe design

We also have design changes, as the Sony A95K returns to a design similar to what we saw a few years ago on the Sony A1. It is an “invisible” base that is on the back of the television and that means that only the panel can be seen from the front. yes, this year Sony has made a design that allows you to modify the position of the base and place it in the front for if, for example, we want to have the panel somewhat further away from the view point.

There are many new features included in the new Sony television, but surely you are wanting to know the price. As leaked in the Sony Austria websitethe Sony A95K will be priced at 3,199 euros for the 55-inch model and 4,199 euros for the 65-inch model.

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