The official trailer for Loki 2 confirms everything we imagined

Loki season 2 official poster

After much back and forth, finally Disney+ has decided to release the official trailer for season 2 of Loki. There were many doubts about this production, which has been delayed for several months without many clear explanations, but it seems that the favor of the mouse has decided to put the autopilot on and without much further ado, has surprised us with a breakthrough that, for On the other hand, it confirms some things. Let’s review it as it deserves.

loki 2 trailer

After a long wait, Tom Hiddleston returns to the small screen in one of his most characteristic roles. Loki, the God of deception, was one of the best surprises that Disney and Marvel had prepared for us in this obsession with expanding the UCM to infinity, with a fresh and entertaining idea in which there was even room for new and interesting characters like Sylvie. or, of course, the villain Kang the Conqueror.

In this official trailer we see that the chaos unleashed at the end of season 1 continues, with a Loki who is experiencing uncontrolled time jumps that takes them to very different scenarios. Precisely this, a priori, inconvenience will be what our protagonist takes advantage of together with Mobius to try to avoid the end of the world.

Lots of action, premiere in October and Majors back!

Many of us expected the second season to be packed with plenty of action and follow the same somewhat wacky and entertaining style of the first installment and, at least from what we’ve seen in the trailer, it looks like it will. The time jumps will take us to very diverse and special moments, in which there will be no lack of that touch of humor that always characterizes not only the series but also the series itself. god of deceit.

Mobius continues with us (obviously), as well as Sylvie, Loki’s great love, in addition to meeting Kang again already Jonathan Majors interpreting it. Much has been said about the actor’s participation or not in this second season taking into account his current problems with the law, but finally, and as many of us imagined, it seems that Disney has preferred to shoot ahead with the matter and at least for now, keep Majors as the super villain he is called to be. Of course, it appears quite little in the trailer -we do not know if intentionally or not.

Jonathan Majors in Loki 2

Also with this release we finally have a release date on the table. After his delay (it should have already arrived on the Disney streaming platform), rumors about a possible re-recording of the Majors scenes with a substitute grew, but we never had official confirmation of it.

Finally, it has been decided, as we expected, for October, specifically the day 6, and without an alternative to Kang, so that everything is somewhat blurred regarding the actor and the inexplicable movement of the agenda, but at least the fans now have something to write down on the calendar.

Be that as it may, season 2 of Loki It looks great (in addition to the fact that it indicates that it will be the farewell of the character in the UCM) and there are only two months left to fully enjoy it.

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