The Oscars skyrocket Apple TV+ subscriptions

Last week a historic day was lived within the Cupertino company, since CODA, one of the productions that are within the Apple TV + catalog, was awarded the Oscar for best film, being the first time that Apple gets a milestone as it is, but in addition, it was also the first time that a service of this type obtains an award of such characteristics. This has obviously been great for Apple’s series, movies, and documentaries service.

Apple TV+ subscriptions on the rise

When it was announced at the Academy gala that CODA had received the award for best film, it was clear that everyone present imagined that this fact would have an immediate impact on the platform that offers the public such a title. This platform is Apple TV+ and just over a week has been enough to see to what extent the prize awarded to CODA has brought with it many other benefits for the Cupertino company.

CODA Apple TV+

Before going into the numbers that it has generated for Apple, we must also highlight what this award means for the company. It is not only the first time that Apple TV + has an award of such caliber, but also, never before has a streaming service achieved this incredible award. But the thing does not end here, and that is that CODA has been a machine for generating milestones, since it is also the first film starring a predominantly deaf cast, who occupy the main roles, to receive this type of award.

As for numbers, from the Apple Park offices they are sure to be rubbing their handsespecially considering that Apple TV + is not exactly the service that is giving the Cupertino company the best results, and the fact that CODA has received this award has caused Apple service subscriptions have increased by 25% in just one week. If we talk about the film itself, CODA has increased its views within the platform by 300% compared to the week before receiving is Oscar.

Is it the boost that Apple TV + needed?

The question that is now on the table about this service is whether this fortunate event will definitely make Apple TV + take off and really be able to match, or at least come close to, the numbers that other streaming series, movie and documentary platforms have. , such as the giant of Netflix.


What is clear is that for Apple it has been and is a very good opportunity to seduce all these new viewers that thanks to CODA they are going to enjoy the service for at least a month, now well, we will have to check if from now on, the short but brilliant catalog that this service has, is capable of convincing a large part of these users and, in this way, promote a service that today is far, at least numerically, from others that the Cupertino company has, such as Apple Music.

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