The PlayStation VR2 becomes compatible with PCs thanks to a hack

The PSVR2 is Sony’s latest foray into virtual reality, but its arrival on the market hasn’t gone exactly to plan. Worse still, PSVR2’s authentication tools have been hacked, opening up new possibilities for gamers who want to use PSVR2 with their PC.

psvr2 failure
Credits: Sony

One of its major downsides to PSVR 2 is that it doesn’t work with desktop computers as smoothly as some of its competitors, such as the Meta Quest. That’s where iVRy comes in, a Steam app that lets you force the use of various VR headsets in other programs, including the first PSVR, your smartphone, and more.

A NeoGAF thread has revealed that the hardware authentication tools for the PSVR2 have been completely hacked. This means that PSVR2 can now be used on PC, although there are a few hurdles to jump through. iVRy posted a tweet showing a small “PSVR2 Authenticated!” message, but noted that they couldn’t reveal how they got there because Sony would be within its legal right to hunt them down.

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PSVR 2 may soon be compatible with PSVR 1 games

The iVRy team also indicated that if the encryption has been broken, it will take some time to create a hardware driver. which will allow PSVR2 to retroactively work with VR titles outside of the PS5 natively. This process is complex, which is why you will have to be patient. Team comments suggest that if hardware compatibility is possibleit will take some time to understand and implement.

In the meantime, this development opens up new possibilities for gamers who want to use the PSVR2 with their PC. It remains to be seen if Sony will release a driver that allows the new PSVR2 to work with VR titles other than the PS5 natively. or if the support will be provided by hackers ready to overcome a large number of obstacles.

Unfortunately for Sony, its headset is already a real commercial failure, so we imagine that the manufacturer could finally give in and open up backwards compatibility to attract more players.

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