the prices of smartphones have been released on the web, and they are very aggressive

The prices of the Xiaomi 13T have leaked online, and they are in line with our predictions.

Credit: Evan Blass via Twitter

Xiaomi has a well-established recipe for pleasing the public: the company creates smartphones combining well-designed performance and prices. This is a little less true for the latest flagship, the Xiaomi 13, whose power and excellent autonomy we praise in our columns, but whose high price and disappointing photographs we deplore. The Chinese manufacturer has the opportunity to rectify the situation, with the release of the 13T range.

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The Xiaomi 13T are smartphones specially designed for performance. Indeed, the Xiaomi 13T Pro is manufactured on the same basis as the Redmi K60 Ultra, reserved for the Chinese market. If the technical specifications of these devices have already leaked, other information from the networks gives us the ddetails of the prices that will be applied for each model.

The prices of the Xiaomi 13T have leaked, and they are very interesting

So, Ishan Agarwal reveals on Twitter the supposed prices of Xiaomi 13T. The base model, the Xiaomi 13T, with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage could be sold for €650. The Xiaomi 13T Pro 12 GB/256 GB would sell for €800, while the Xiaomi 13T Pro 16GB/1TB would cost €1000. As the Android World site points out, the price difference between a Xiaomi 13 and a Xiaomi 13T will therefore be around €300, which could pose some problems for the company.

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Indeed, even if the T series is theoretically a little less prestigious and powerful, it constitutes, as it stands, the best quality/price ratio at a time when prices are only increasing. Will the Xiaomi 13T fulfill their promises of quality at the best price at the risk of harming the sales of the Xiaomi 13? This remains to be confirmed during the tests which we will not fail to carry out from September 26, the official launch date of these new mid/high-end smartphones.

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