The reason the iPhone 12 mini angered Apple

Almost a year ago, the iPhone 12 mini was launched on the market, a device that is still on sale at a reduced price due to the arrival of the iPhone 13. A device that, for better or worse, draws a lot of attention due to its small size , despite having great technical specifications. However, it seems that this did not end up convincing Apple. Or at least not in the way they expected.

It was not the least sold iPhone, but …

Earlier this year, news broke that generated a lot of excitement: Apple would stop making the iPhone 12 mini. It did not mean that he was going to stop selling it, in fact we continue to see it there. The reason for this is that the company was not selling the units it already had, so manufacturing more would have increased the problem.

Many analysts, and not always with good intentions, began to claim that he was being a sales failure. Nothing could be further from the truth. The problem came from a overconfidence on Apple’s part, realizing a bad forecast. Something that sounds strange in a company that normally knows its business niche better than anyone, but that is not very far-fetched either.

Numerous studies that have been published throughout this year have shown that the iPhone 12 Pro sells even less. Why, despite this, did Apple not stop making this one? Well precisely because in this case if a good forecast was made and although it is true that the ‘mini’ was not selling as expected, it is wrong to say that they were selling poorly.

The particular characteristics of the iPhone 12 mini led it to be a phone that, as it happens again with the ’13 mini ‘, is very focused on a very specific audience that. Users who need to have powerful and state-of-the-art hardware, with a beautiful and modern design, but who do not mean having to carry an oversized phone with them. And this is in the end an existing audience that is appearing, but which is not the majority.

Is it the reason why there will be no iPhone 14 mini?

Although it will not be launched until 2022, it is not a secret that Apple closes the development of its phones a year in advance in the absence of polishing some details. That is why their plans with the iPhone 14 are already more than meditated and in view of this it has been leaked that the company would eliminate the ‘mini’ range in favor of 6.1 and 6.7-inch versions. Four smartphones again, but two in the standard version and two in the ‘Pro’ version.

We cannot know if what was seen with the iPhone 12 mini has been enough for Apple to decide to put aside these versions for 2022 or if it was already something that they had outlined in their roadmap from the beginning. That the iPhone 13 mini has been launched doesn’t say too much either. On the one hand we can think how badly the results obtained by the 2020 model will not have sat for the company, although we must also bear in mind that halting the launch of the ’13 mini ‘, even months before, would also have meant a problem in the face of your sales strategy.

rear iphone 13 mini

Be that as it may, it is clear that the iPhone 12 mini, although not as much as some say, has not sat too well with Apple. We will see if the current iPhone 13 mini improves the number of sales, although what is certain is that they will have learned their lesson and surely they will not have to stop manufacturing it prematurely.

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