The Spanish startup GUS, official provider of business solutions for WhatsApp

The Spanish startup, GUS, specialized in the creation of intelligent chatbotshas been certified by WhatsApp as an official provider of business solutions for the environment of WhatsApp Business Platform. In this way, the company becomes the second Spanish company to be part of the select global club of official Business Solution Providers (BSP) of the most downloaded instant messaging application worldwide.

WhatsApp offers interesting communication functionalities to the business world, which is why the WhatsApp platform was created. whatsapp business to integrate all the tools that the application can offer to boost business income and reduce costs. These features allow you to automate customer service, generate and qualify leads, launch marketing campaigns or optimize sales processes.

We are very happy to incorporate GUS into our ecosystem of Business Solution Providers, as it has demonstrated its great ability to create robust conversational experiences in an agile and simple way for companies from various sectors. The company is constantly innovating with its platform and its focus on growing conversational commerce, especially in Spanish-speaking countries”point Elizabeth MaciasChannel Partner Manager of WhatsApp LATAM.

For his part, Jaime Navarro, CEO of GUS, assures: “It is a pride that the WhatsApp team has chosen GUS as BSP globally. We are ready to serve any company in Spain or Latin America that wants to use WhatsApp as a sales channel. With the highest number of downloads and opening rates of 95%, it is the favorite channel for users. Through WhatsApp, the relationship between client and company is simplified, made more comfortable and connects directly with real day-to-day conversations. Big consultants like BCG warn us: they predict conversational commerce growth of up to 6x by 2025”.

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The artificial intelligence developed by GUS allows companies to automate and personalize conversations with each customer. Through its intelligent chatbots, which can be integrated into any messaging platform (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc.), companies can have direct and close conversations on a large scale. This new dynamic of online commerce, known as conversational commerce (C-Commerce), translates into a better customer experience and a increase in conversions of up to 45%.

The company, specialized in the Spanish-speaking market, offers WhatsApp-based services throughout Spain and Latin America, and counts among its clients companies from all sectors such as Job&Talent, Bimbo, Aquaservice, CUNEF, Juguettos, Quálitas, Cinépolis and Afirme.

The case of Jobandtalent, a challenge achieved

The digital job search platform, Jobandtalent, was the first that allows companies to carry out the comprehensive management of the selection and hiring process through its app, including signing the contract or receiving the payroll. Created in Spain in 2009, today it has workers in eight countries (Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, France, Mexico and Colombia). In 2020 alone, the company hired more than 80,000 people globally.

In the specific case of JobandtalentColombia, every day he moves numerous job offers in his application. In order to be eligible for a job within its platform, users must previously complete a series of procedures. This process is closely followed by its own Call Center, which must ensure that all possible candidates complete the procedures in a timely manner. The Call Center carried out this follow-up manually, which resulted in a tedious process with an improvable rate of contactability.

Knowing the slow and manual process, Jobandtalent saw an optimization opportunity and decided to contact GUS. With its smart chatbot platform, the company has created a conversational channel that tracks candidates through WhatsApp. In a personalized and automated way, candidates receive proactive notifications to inform them of aspects such as attending a medical appointment, uploading a certain document or downloading the app, among others.

The result has been a 42% reduction in calls made by the Call Center, a 150% increase in document uploads, a 10% increase in medical appointment attendance confirmations and a 24% increase in app downloads, reaching a message reception rate of 97.5%.

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